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Build skills. Build confidence. Build your career.

WorkReady NH is a practical, tuition-free program designed to meet the needs of job seekers and career builders by providing training in specific skills that employers are looking for in their current and future employees.

How It Works


Attend 60 hours of classroom instruction in a simulated workplace setting to learn and practice soft skills. Topics include: building your personal profile, showcasing your skills, employer expectations, communication strategies, critical thinking, problem solving, decision making, building better teams, customer service, conflict resolution, business ethics, safety in the workplace, workplace sensitivity, and personal brand.


Improve essential workplace skills through online, self-paced WorkKeys tutorials. Essential workplace skills include: reading workplace documents, graphic literacy, and applied math.


Participants are assessed on the ability to practice soft skills and essential workplace skills. As a result, graduates earn a WorkReadyNH Certificate and a National Career Readiness Certificate.

Earn Two Highly Recognized Credentials.

WorkReadyNH Certificate

Issued by the community college system, this credential signals to employers the graduate has the skills employers want most.

National Career Readiness Certificate (NCRC) issued by ACT

NCRC is a portable, evidence-based credential that measures essential workplace skills tied to an extensive database of career profiles and is a reliable predictor of workplace success.

NCRC Levels of Achievement


WorkReadyNH is a partnership between CCSNH and the NH Department of Employment Security. Funding is provided through the NH Job Training Fund. 

The Community College System of NH is an equal opportunity employer. Adaptive equipment is available upon request to persons with disabilities.

WorkReadyNH is Now Online!

How WorkReadyNH Online Works

The online version of our course includes the same in-depth curriculum of our in person classes while offering flexibility to meet your schedule.

Virtual Classes

To effectively learn Soft skills, such as communication, collaboration, and problem solving, they need to be practiced. Through 10 hours a week of virtual class time, participants will work with a group and our skilled instructors to participate in discussions of varying topics, collaborate on team activities, and analyze case studies.

Business Group Project

The workplace today has shifted to a digital environment. Through the business group project, participants will use virtual meetings to simulate a workplace environment where they will actively utilize the skills that are learned during class. The team will need to “create” a product or service that will be presented. For most participants, this is their favorite part of the course! Participants get a chance to be creative and tap into an entrepreneurial spirit they may not even know they have.

Independent Work

Participants should plan to spend 5 hours a week to work through our online modules. These interactive modules will align with the discussions and activities of the virtual classes.

Instructor Support

WorkReadyNH instructors and staff are available for support throughout the program. Office hours are established at the beginning of the course and vary throughout the day for flexibility.

WorkKeys Curriculum and Exam

Improve essential workplace skills through online, self-paced WorkKeys tutorials. Essential workplace skills include: reading workplace documents, graphic literacy, and applied math. Participants should plan to work up to 5 hours per week within the WorkKeys curriculum.

Due to restrictions from COVID-19, we are currently unable to proctor the standardized exam at this time. However, every participant will be given continued access to the preparatory curriculum until the exam can be scheduled.


Participants are assessed on the ability to practice soft skills and essential workplace skills. As a result, graduates earn a WorkReadyNH Certificate and a National Career Readiness Certificate.


How will I practice soft skills during the WorkReadyNH class?

The WorkReadyNH class is an interactive course! From day one, participants form groups and get to work. Each group will work together to design a product or service that they will then present to the rest of the class. As a result, participants immediately put into practice the skills they are learning while receiving feedback from the instructor.

I have a degree and have been in the workforce for years. Will this program be beneficial for me?

The WorkReadyNH class is for everyone! Each class can be comprised of people who have earned a High School Equivalency Certificate to people with a PhD and everything in between. The skills practiced in the class are skills that always need refreshing. This class allows you to take the time to practice your areas of strength and improve areas of need.

Am I too old or too young for the class?

Just as the workforce in NH represents all ages, so does WorkReadyNH! The two largest age groups for participants are 51 to 60 and 18 to 30. The diversity in the age of participants creates an authentic experience for everyone. It is an opportunity for all participants to share their strengths, experience, and wisdom with the group.

Why do I need the National Career Readiness Certificate?

The NCRC complements other traditional credentials, such as a high school diploma, community college degree or certificate of technical proficiency. While these educational credentials mark the fulfillment of an individual’s classroom learning experiences, the Certificate confirms competence in a specific set of workplace skills.

Why should employers look for candidates who earned the National Career Readiness Certificate (NCRC)?

The evidence-based credential documents competence in essential work-related skills that are important across a wide range of jobs. Tied to an extensive database of career profiles, the NCRC is a reliable predictor of workplace success.

As an employer, how can I support the WorkReady NH program?

 Employers can support this program in the following ways:

Commit to offering an interview to every qualified job applicant who has earned a National Career Readiness Certificate. 

Participate in the soft-skills training by sending hiring managers or other personnel to be guest presenters, giving job-seekers a direct perspective on what recruiters are looking for and what makes a successful job applicant. 

WorkReady Testimonials


Dana Ruff

I came into the program lost, I was really looking for direction. I hadn’t been in the workforce for 13 years and needed some skills on how to reenter it. This program gave me confidence, self-worth, and soft skills to go forth with finding a job.

Scott Brown

“This program is extremely relevant to what is needed for successful individual development. This is a must for anyone just entering the workforce and certainly beneficial for those with many years of experience! You will not be disappointed!”.

Nora Kells Gordon

I retired from full-time work last year with a plan to return to part-time work after a few months. But I must say I was floundering a bit in the process of finding a new path. This class came along at a perfect time, focusing on both skill-building and job-finding. Most importantly, the WorkReadyNH team provided me with wonderful support as I rediscovered my strengths, tackled personal challenges, and recognized my value in the work world. I left with life-changing views and renewed energy. And, I found a job to fit my needs and my interests perfectly.”  

Sara Ioannou

When I was asked what I thought I would get from the WorkReadyNH program I said, “Nothing”, but boy was I surprised! It changed my life.

Sharmila Karki Niroula

“I am an international immigrant who needs more information about the rules and regulations in USA. So, this program helped a lot. I would like to recommend my friends who are new to this area and want to improve their overall skills for their professional career.  

This tuition-FREE program is available  to NH residents, job seekers, NH businesses, and their employees.

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Customized Training

“If I saw WorkReadyNH on a resume, I’d be very interested in the person. Soft skills is the piece that we need most. We can train for the skills needed to do the job, yet soft skills is where we fall short.” Jean Wetherby, HR Manager Whelen Engineering
Jean Wetherby