The Mission of WorkReadyNH is to strengthen NH’s workforce through the dynamic delivery of high quality training and certification in essential workplace skills to benefit participants, employers and the greater NH community.

Gain the Employment Edge with WorkReadyNH. This TUITION FREE course helps job seekers:

  • Improve workplace skills
  • Increase marketability
  • Increase opportunities to secure rewarding employment
  • Advance in a current career

WorkReadyNH is made up of two parts:

  • 3 Week, 60-hour Soft Skills training in a classroom environment
  • 20-hour online skill building done on your own time from any computer with an Internet connection

 Upon successful completion of WorkReadyNH, participants will receive the following:

  • National Career Readiness Certificate (NCRC) and the
  • White Mountains Community College WorkReadyNH Certificate

Tuition free classes have limited spaces and are filled on a 1st come 1st serve basis

To register, call:  WorkReadyNH at 603-342-3007. 

WorkReadyNH Program Schedule

This schedule is subject to change based on enrollment.

Berlin4/6-5/19:00 a,m. – 2:00 p.m.3 Days
Littleton Academic Center5/4-5/199:00 a,m. – 3:00 p.m.M-F
North Conway Academic Center6/1-6/199:00 a,m. – 3:00 p.m.M-F

More Information and Consideration

To learn more about the WorkReadyNH Program at WMCC, or to be considered for an upcoming class, please complete the following Applicant Interest Form or call 603-342-3007.

Applicant Interest Form

WorkReadyNH Course Information

Soft Skills Course

The Soft Skills Course is a classroom-based component of the WorkReadyNH Program that places participants in simulated workplace-related settings and covers areas that include:

  • Job interviews, resumés & portfolios
  • Workplace safety & orientation
  • Team building & conflict resolution
  • Diversity, harassment & bullying
  • Customer service & business ethics
  • Employer Expectations
  • Communication Strategies
  • Problem-solving & decision-making
  • Critical thinking
  • Performance reviews

The Soft Skills Course requires approximately 60 hours of instruction. Classes are held at White Mountains Community College campuses in Berlin, Littleton, and North Conway, NH. Please refer to our program schedule for current listings.

WorkKeys Curriculum Online Learning Modules

WorkKeys helps strengthen a person’s ability to read, understand and act on workplace information presented in a variety of methods and provides preparation for the National Career Readiness Certificate. It helps improve an individual’s ability to solve problems, develop critical thinking skills and to apply his or her skills to a wide range of challenging situations.

These self-paced, fully online courses break down each skill into specific components and enable participants to practice and receive instant feedback.    Online skill building in hard skill topics of Applied Mathematics, Reading for Information and Graphic Literacy may be done on your own time from any computer with internet access. Computers are also available in the campus library. Participants can complete the modules in the WMCC computer labs or at any computer with an internet connection.

The Applied Math skill involves applying mathematical reasoning and problem-solving techniques to workplace situations, emphasizes the application of these skills to real-world situations, and reviews the basic concepts of mathematical operations including money, measurement, and time.

Topics in the beginning levels include:

More advanced topics include

           *Money and time

*Areas and volumes


*Determining best deals

           *Proportions and ratios

*Troubleshooting errors

           *Fractions and decimals

*Production rates

           *Negative numbers

*Multiple unknowns


*Non-linear graphs

The Workplace Documents skill involves reading and understanding common workplace documents (letters, manuals, procedures, memos), and examines the essential aspects of understanding and applying information given in practical situations. The Reading for Information course includes dozens of sample workplace documents. All exercises are based on realistic work situations.

Some of the beginning topics include:

More advanced topics cover:

         *Determining the meaning of unfamiliar words

*Applying instructions

         *Extracting details

*Complex information

         *Reading forms

*Drawing conclusions

        *Finding the main idea

*Technical jargon



The Graphic Literacy skill involves finding, extracting, understanding and using information that is not in the form of normal text. These types of documents include charts, graphs, tables, forms, maps, and drawings. Beginning topics include:

     *Pie charts


     *Bar charts


     *Line graphs





Higher-levels practice more complex concepts that may deal with several different kinds of documents at one time. Some of these are:


     *Extracting data

*Determining data relationships

     *Identifying trends

*Using data criteria

     *Drawing conclusions


The White Mountains Community College WorkReadyNH Certificate is earned upon successful completion of a 60-hour soft skills classroom training, as well as achieving a Bronze level or higher National Career Readiness Certificate. The WorkReadyNH certificate signals to employers that, as a WorkReadyNH graduate, participants have the skills desired in an employee.

The National Career Readiness Certificate is a portable, evidence-based, industry recognized, credential that helps employers determine whether individuals possess the skills commonly associated with success in the workplace.  Competency levels are tied to an extensive database that compares employee skill levels and those skills required for successful completion of specific jobs. Certificates are awarded at Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum performance levels       

Preparation for the NCRC is obtained from baseline skills assessment and practice in Applied Mathematics, Reading for Information and Graphic Literacy  with customized self-paced skill building lessons completed online through WorkKeys the ACT interactive training system.

The NCRC Certificates are awarded at four levels based on the participant’s performance on the WorkKeys® Assessments:

Skills for 99% of the jobs in ACT’s extensive database

Skills for 90% of the jobs in ACT’s extensive database

Skills for 65% of the jobs in ACT’s extensive database

Skills for 35% of the jobs in ACT’s extensive database

WorkReadyNH Benefits to NH Businesses

Job applicants who come to you with a National Career Readiness Certificate® (NCRC®) have proven themselves ready for employment by testing successfully in the three areas covered by the credential: Workplace Documents, Applied Math, and Graphic Literacy.

The NCRC® can reduce hiring time and costs. Improvements in the skills documented by the NCRC® have been shown by research to improve the quality of new hires, reduce training time, reduce turnover, and increase productivity.

Job-seekers prepare for the certificate test by participating in assessment and training in the areas identified (Workplace Documents, Applied Math, and Graphic Literacy). In addition, individuals will participate in a Soft Skills Training Course taught by White Mountains Community College.

The Soft Skills Course is a classroom-based component of the WorkReadyNH Program that places participants in simulated workplace-related settings and covers areas that include:

  • Resumés, cover letters & portfolios
  • Job search methods & interviews
  • Team-building & conflict resolution
  • Diversity, harassment & bullying
  • Customer service & business ethics
  • Employer expectations
  • Communication strategies
  • Problem-solving & decision-making
  • Critical thinking & workplace safety
  • Personal brand & performance reviews

WorkReadyNH Testimonials

Dana Ruff

I came into the program lost, I was really looking for direction. I hadn’t been in the workforce for 13 years and needed some skills on how to reenter it. This program gave me confidence, self-worth, and soft skills to go forth with finding a job.

Scott Brown

“This program is extremely relevant to what is needed for successful individual development. This is a must for anyone just entering the workforce and certainly beneficial for those with many years of experience! You will not be disappointed!”.

Nora Kells Gordon

I retired from full-time work last year with a plan to return to part-time work after a few months. But I must say I was floundering a bit in the process of finding a new path. This class came along at a perfect time, focusing on both skill-building and job-finding. Most importantly, the WorkReadyNH team provided me with wonderful support as I rediscovered my strengths, tackled personal challenges, and recognized my value in the work world. I left with life-changing views and renewed energy. And, I found a job to fit my needs and my interests perfectly.”  

Sara Ioannou

When I was asked what I thought I would get from the WorkReadyNH program I said, “Nothing”, but boy was I surprised! It changed my life.

Sharmila Karki Niroula

“I am an international immigrant who needs more information about the rules and regulations in USA. So, this program helped a lot. I would like to recommend my friends who are new to this area and want to improve their overall skills for their professional career.  

This tuition-FREE program is available  to NH residents, job seekers, NH businesses, and their employees.

For more information

Email           Tel: 603-342-3007

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Customized Training

“If I saw WorkReadyNH on a resume, I’d be very interested in the person. Soft skills is the piece that we need most. We can train for the skills needed to do the job, yet soft skills is where we fall short.” Jean Wetherby, HR Manager Whelen Engineering
Jean Wetherby