Forensic Science

Forensic Science provides an overview of the broad scope of forensic science, addressing various issues concerning forensic science and the law. The course covers forensic pathology, forensic engineering, cyber technology, […]

Criminal Justice Internship

Criminal Justice Internship allows students to put learned theory to practice. With the assistance of the course instructor, students are responsible for finding agency placement. The internship requires the successful […]

Justice and the Community

Justice and the Community reviews the history and evolution of police and community relations, along with the administration of justice in today’s free society. Students become acquainted with different communication […]

Drug Abuse and the Law

Drug Abuse and the Law examines drug use, drug misuse, and drug abuse from a criminal justice perspective. It provides an overview of the major drug categories, the substance-use disorders, […]

Corrections Operations

Corrections Operations explores the many facets of a correctional facility. It provides an entry-level approach to educate aspiring law-enforcement professionals and prepare them for the various correctional settings, practices, and […]

Juvenile Justice Administration

Juvenile Justice Administration examines theories, causation, and prevention programs. It includes the study of rehabilitative theories and treatment programs in public institutions and public and private agencies. Students analyze case […]

Criminal Procedures

Criminal Procedures offers an in-depth study on how the Constitution and other laws are relevant in today’s criminal justice system. It focuses on policy, laws, process, and the procedure of […]


Criminology analyzes in detail the development of criminological theory, taking into account the contributing disciplines of biology, psychology, sociology, and political science. The course applies integrated theory to combine these […]

Criminal Law

Criminal Law examines the current U.S. Criminal Justice system, both the law and legal procedures. The course uses a combination of the Socratic/case law approach and the lecture approach. First, […]

Introduction to Homeland Security

Introduction to Homeland Security provides an historic overview of the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), including the legislation that led to its creation and implementation. The course reviews related definitions […]

Introduction to Criminal Justice

Introduction to Criminal Justice covers the history, development, and current state of the criminal justice system in the United States, along with the challenges it faces. When appropriate, students visit […]