Our college has grown in many ways over the years. We have gone through several name changes, but eventually settled on one that represents the special area of New Hampshire where are campus and academic centers are located — White Mountains Community College. You’re an important part of our WMCC alumni if you graduated from one of our degree or certificate programs. No matter what year you graduated, or what your credential says, you are a valued part of the WMCC family!

As alumni of WMCC, you have played an integral part in the success of the college, and have moved on to successes of your own. Your story is important to WMCC, and we’d like to hear from you!

Visit the Facebook group WMCC Alumni Association and tell us about your life, then and now. Be sure to visit the page on a regular basis, as the Alumni Association will post updates about the College and any upcoming events.

Please use the Alumni Information Form to provide us with updated contact information. There will be times when the college wants to reach out to you, so please make sure your information is up-to-date.

The Alumni Association awards a scholarship on a yearly basis to a student who has ties with one of our alumni.  If you would like to make a donation to the scholarship, you may do so using the button below.

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