Let me be the first to welcome you to White Mountains Community College!  Having celebrated our 50th anniversary has provided the opportunity to reflect on our rich tradition while planning for an even brighter future.  Our history of offering quality education and supporting students with their goals of entering high-demand careers or transferring to four-year institutions remains our primary focus.

Our mission of being a comprehensive student-centered educational institution providing opportunities for educational and career mobility while sustaining community development is not just a statement, it is our passion.  This mission is carried out academically through our comprehensive array of program offerings from Culinary Arts, Welding, and Nursing, to Criminal Justice, Business, Accounting, Liberal Arts, and many more.  With the student in mind, our courses are offered in a variety of formats and locations.  We currently offer online, hybrid, day, and evening courses at our main campus in Berlin, as well as at our academic centers in Littleton and North Conway.

We have uniquely talented and dedicated faculty, staff, and administrators to help you be successful.  We see you as a major component of the bright future we envision as the success of our College hinges on your many achievements.  As such, these great people are here to mentor, teach, coach, and advise you along the way and guide your path forward.

Recognizing the “community” in our name is of significance as there is a strong sense of service to others instilled throughout our College.  There are many ways to give back and be part of the surrounding community by being involved with student organizations, volunteering, fundraising, and eventually as a graduate!

We wish you the very best during your time at White Mountains Community College and beyond.  We sincerely hope you will become connected as an integral part of our community and seek support when needed.  Please stop by to see me as I look forward to personally welcoming you to our College.

Charles Lloyd, Ed.D.
White Mountains Community College