The retention rate at WMCC for the student cohort that started in the fall of 2020 was 69% for full-time students and 40% for part-time students.  Retention rates measure the percentage of entering students who continue their studies the following fall.  

The graduation rate for full-time, first-time students in the cohort that started in the fall of 2018 was 54% three years after initial enrollment.  Because WMCC is a 2-year school, the standard window for graduation is three years (150% of the time to an Associate degree assuming full-time enrollment).  WMCC’s two-year (100% or on-time) graduation rate for this cohort was 47%.

It is important to note that many students come to WMCC with goals other than graduation.  Students often enroll to complete a semester or two before transferring, to explore a potential career area, to resolve academic deficiencies before returning to their original college, or to take courses for self-improvement and personal enrichment.  In the cohort that started in the fall of 2018, 5% transferred without graduating.  Common destination colleges for WMCC students include Plymouth State University, Granite State College, and Southern NH University.  

More detailed information on retention, graduation, and transfer can be found on the  College Navigator website.

Of the 2019 graduates, 75% shared information with WMCC regarding their plans. Seventy percent of them indicated that they had found employment in their field or were continuing their education at a 4-year college or university.