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White Mountains Sense of Place 

In this three-part series focusing on the natural history of the White Mountains, participants can choose to attend one, two, or all three day-long sessions.  Each full day course starts at WMCC’s North Conway Academic Center before heading out into the field for experiential learning.*

Session I – Geology of the White Mountains 

This session guides attendees through the hundreds of millions of years of earth history. Although students will identify a few of the most common rocks and minerals, this course emphasizes how to observe and interpret evidence of historical events, such as the volcanic activity, mountain uplift, erosion and glaciation that produced the White Mountains as we see them today. 

Session II – Forest Ecology: Trees are Talking to Each Other 

This session guides attendees through an exploration of old-growth forest and regrowth forest in the White Mountains to observe and interact with the living organisms that make up these wild, complex communities. Blending modern scientific methods with indigenous wisdom, students will gain a deeper understanding of the intricacies within forest communities. 

Session III – Winter Ecology: How Animals Survive 

This session provides attendees deep insight into wild animals’ and plants’ amazing activities leading up to and through the long months of freezing cold, snow, and ice that winter brings in the northeast. Through deliberate movement through off-trail excursions, students will place themselves in the mindset of winter adaptation, exploring the methods of migration, hibernation, and resistance that living organisms ranging from slugs, to chickadees, to bears, and more, use to survive winter in the White Mountains.

*Students should bring a sack lunch and be prepared to walk on uneven ground for up to one mile while visiting field sites. 

Space is limited for all three sessions. Call Tamara Roberge at (603) 342-3062 to register today or complete the form below to request more information.