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2023 Summer Camps WERE A SUCCESS!

Students in grades 8-12 completed our Veterinary Science Camp taught by Dr. Mary Orff at our North Conway Academic Center. Students learned about animal behavior, basic first aid and medical care, anatomy, collecting samples and performing lab tests, administering medications, working with horses and farm animals, and the basics of animal surgery and bandaging. Additionally, students traveled to the Ricci Horse Farm to paint the equine skeleton on a horse in order to view the skeletal system in motion. Students also interacted with exotic animals, such as lizards, pygmy goats, ball pythons, and bearded dragons.  

Summer camps concluded this year with our esteemed Culinary Camp in our WMCC Bistro taught by our very own Chef Giles at our Berlin main campus. Students learned basic kitchen skills, knife skills, sausage making, ice cream making, and a whole host of culinary techniques, preparing decadent sauces and a variety of food items.  Their culinary experience culminated in students preparing an impressive banquet feast for each other and for friends and family members they invited to attend, all of whom raved about the food prepared for them and the knowledge the students shared about the delicious dishes they were serving. 

More than thirty middle school students took advantage of the Safe Sitter® Essentials course at our main campus in Berlin, which prepared participants to be safety conscious when babysitting siblings or when earning money as paid babysitters. Next summer’s course will include CPR training for all participants and will potentially be located at all three campuses in Berlin, Littleton, and North Conway. 

Gorham Middle High School students who participated in the Junior Welding Program at White Mountains Community College, pictured with their instructors. (Photo Courtesy SAU 20)

GORHAM – Principal Jen Corrigan and School Counselor/School to Career Coordinator Matthew Saladino are pleased to share that Gorham Middle High School students recently completed the Junior Welders Program.

The Junior Welders Program was held Monday, March 13 through Saturday, March 18 at White Mountains Community College (WMCC).

The program, held in collaboration with White Mountains Community College, takes place after school and is offered to students in grades 8-12 who are currently enrolled at Gorham Middle High School.

More than 20 students participated in the program and each student completed 28 hours of work at WMCC in the welding lab with three certified welding instructors.

This is the eighth year Gorham Middle High School has offered students this opportunity.

Students practiced and covered a variety of topics, including introduction to Shield Metal Arc Welding (SMAW), safety in welding and Gas Tungsten Arc Welding (GTAW).

The goal of the program is to introduce students to welding and offer them an opportunity to learn new skills while participating in hands-on learning. By learning a trade at a hands-on level, students who join the Junior Welding Program have an opportunity to pursue other welding programs or a school-to-career internship, making them more marketable to protentional employees upon graduation.

This program was made possible through the assistance of Capone Iron, the Gorham Parents Booster Club, AirGas, Presby Steel Inc., and TC Energy.

“The Junior Welders Program is a great way for students to learn new skills and get involved in hands-on learning,” Saladino said. “I would like to thank all of our sponsors and White Mountains Community College. This program offers students a chance to discover a trade and really showcase their skills and another level. I look forward to being able to offer this to students in years to come.

A student welds pieces of metal during the Gorham Middle High School Junior Welding Program. (Photo Courtesy SAU20)