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Led by a veterinarian with guest speakers from various animal-care back-grounds, this camp has a strong focus on experiential learning at both at the WMCC North Conway Academic Center and through field trips. Designed for students who love animals, wish to work with animals, or may even be considering a veterinary career of any kind, students will explore such topics as animal behavior, basic first aid and medical care, anatomy, exotic animals, collecting samples and performing lab tests, administering medications, working with horses and farm animals, bandaging, and the basics of animal surgery.

[July 18 – July 22; Tuition $200]

This hands-on food production course located at our main campus in Berlin provides students the opportunity to learn and expand upon culinary and baking principles used in the modern food industry.

Topics include basic kitchen skills; stocks, soups, and sauces; hot food techniques; potato and vegetable cookery; barbeque flavors; pasta, dumplings, and other starches; and basic baking skills. The course culminates in students producing and serving a banquet feast.

[August 1 – August 4; Tuition $200.00]