Geology and Soils

Geology and Soils, like GEOL111W, covers the nature of geologic materials, structures, and processes. It likewise covers the processes that help shape the earth’s crust (such as mountain building; volcanism; […]

Forestry Resources

Forestry Resources introduces students to a wide range of issues that forests face in a changing climate with a growing human population. These interactions between humans and forests are extensive. Humans […]

Environmental Project

A student-directed capstone course, Environmental Project asks students to apply the knowledge and skills they learned while fulfilling their Environmental Science degree requirements. In cooperation with their faculty advisor, students […]

Conservation Biology

Conservation Biology takes an in-depth look at the causes and consequences of the loss of biodiversity. Students examine the importance of biodiversity and the loss of it from a genetic […]

Water Resources and Hydrology

Water is essential to life and many of the processes that occur on Earth. Water Resources and Hydrology takes a detailed look at the occurrence, distribution, and circulation of water […]

Introduction to Environmental Science

Introduction to Environmental Science is an introductory course in environmental science involving an interdisciplinary study of how entities in nature are interconnected. It provides an integrated study of environmental problems, […]

Environmental Sampling and Analysis

Environmental Sampling and Analysis introduces students to common techniques in sampling and analysis used in environmental data gathering.