February 17, 2021

You may have recently read reports that Gov. Sununu has proposed changes to the structure of New Hampshire’s public systems of higher education – the Community College System of NH and the University System of NH. Currently, each system is overseen by a separate board of trustees which is the policy-making entity for each. What the Governor proposed is to replace those two boards with a single board, which would be charged with restructuring the institutions into one unified system.

This is just a proposal at this time, which will go through a legislative deliberation process over the next several months. The outcome of this process is unknown. We are entering this with an open mind and an eye towards details.

A central part of our mission continues to be able to provide pathways for students to achieve their educational and professional goals, in ways that are affordable and provide access to learners of all ages, backgrounds, and aspirations. 

We are seeking input from students, college employees, other stakeholders, and members of the public, and we encourage you to share your thoughts about what has been proposed, by visiting: https://www.ccsnh.edu/proposal-to-create-a-single-higher-education-board/