Sweet chili glazed grilled salmon with pineapple salsa


8 ea                       salmon steaks

½ cup                    soy sauce

2 tbsp                   garlic

2 tbsp                   honey

¼  cup                   oil 

1 cup                     sweet chili sauce (mae ploy)

1 ea                       pineapple peeled and small dice

1 ea                       red pepper small dice

1 ea                       green pepper small dice

1 ea                       jalapeno minced

1 small                  red onion small dice

½ bunch               cilantro chopped

1 tbsp                   rice wine vinegar

1 tbsp                   cumin

2 tbsp                   ground coriander

¼ cup                    oil

2 ea                       limes juiced and use a little zest


1.       Combine soy, garlic, honey and oil and mix well

2.       Add salmon and marinate for a few hours but not over 12

3.       Drain from marinade get as much excess off as you can and rub them with a little oil

4.       Grill them on medium high  for 2 minutes and turn over and brush the sweet chili sauce on top

5.       Do this about 8 times. Until a nice glace is formed and salmon is cooked to 150 degrees

6.       Remove from grill and let sit for 5 minutes

7.       For the salsa, combine all the rest of the ingredients and let sit for a couple hours

8.       Serve the fish with the salsa.