Identifying the best educational pathway to become teacher certified can be a complex and confusing process.  The WMCC Professional Education Competencies Certificate makes it easy! 

This certificate program is designed to offer students the knowledge and skills required by the New Hampshire Department of Education in addressing the Professional Education Competencies. Students working on Alternative #3, #4 & #5 that have a Bachelor’s Degree (with no certification) will be able to completely address the Professional Education Competencies through this certificate.

Program available in Berlin.

Fall Semester CL LAB CR
EDU101W Introduction to Exceptionalities 3 0 3
EDU104W Foundations of Education 3 0 3
PSYC200W Educational Psychology 3 0 3
  Totals 9 0 9
Spring Semester   CL LAB CR
EDU215W Assessment of Student Learning 3 0 3
EDU218W Design of Instruction 3 0 3
EDU204W Instructional Technology 3 0 3
  Totals 9 0 9
  Total for Certificate     18

  • Robin Scott

    Robin Scott

    Social, Educational & Behavioral Science
    Professor of Education / Department Chair, Education, Social & Behavioral Science