Automotive Suspension and Brakes

This course is a study in design, trouble diagnosis, and servicing of the old and new systems in brakes, suspensions, and steering. These include the anti-lock braking systems, modern suspension […]

Computerized Diagnostic Service and Air Conditioning

A thorough background for drivability diagnosis and tune-up. Includes testing of various components and systems involved in engine operation and the adjustment or replacement as required to restore engine performance, […]

Automotive Welding

This course includes all facets of welding and as they apply to the servicing and repair of cars and light trucks. Some of the methods covered are metal inert gas […]

Chassis Service and Alignment Procedures

The student will service and/or repair manual and power steering systems, balance tires and replace suspension and steering components.  The student will also perform two and four-wheel alignments with a […]

Automotive Electronics

A study of electronic components, devices, circuits and systems used in the modern automobile. Upon completion of this course, the student-technician will be better equipped to understand, troubleshoot and repair […]

Automotive Engines and Related Systems

This course provides a comprehensive study of the construction, theory of operation and servicing of today’s automotive engines.  This course provides an opportunity to gain the knowledge and skills necessary […]

Automotive Electricity II

An in-depth study of ignition systems, control units, indicators, dash units, tire pressure monitoring systems, light circuits and accessories of the automobile.  Covers theory, troubleshooting and service.  (Prerequisite: AUTO112W or […]

Automotive Power Trains

Covers in detail the construction, operation and maintenance procedures of transmissions and power trains.  It reflects the new developments in manual five and six speed transmissions, dual clutch transmissions, overdrives, […]

Automotive Electricity I

A study of electricity as it is applied to today’s automobile. This course will include the theory of electricity, the study of magnetism and electrical circuits, and the theory and […]

Introduction to Automotive Service

This course provides a comprehensive study of the basics in automotive technology including safety, precision measuring, and the proper use of tools and equipment. Students will also learn how to […]