Commercial Motor Vehicle Operator Capstone

The CDL Capstone Course provides individualized instruction to students in preparation for the On Road Driving portion of formal licensure and serves to integrate the technical and professional skills characteristic […]

Open Road Vehicle Maneuvers and Management

Students will become skilled in the safe operation of unloaded commercial vehicles at speed in a variety of traffic conditions and road types. Topics covered will include Hazard Perception, Uphill […]

Closed Course Vehicle Maneuvers

Students will become skilled in the safe, low speed operation of commercial vehicles on a closed course. Topics covered will include trailer coupling and uncoupling, shifting and turning, double clutching, […]

Vehicle and Cargo Safety

This course prepares a student for the safe operation of vehicles and transport of cargo. Thorough examination of all parts of the vehicle in a systematic process will be taught. […]

Air Brake Fundamentals

This classroom course covers the components, operator maintenance and safety aspects of air brake systems in use in today‚Äôs motor vehicle transportation fleet. Students will understand their safe operation, effects […]

Fundamentals of Commercial Driver Training

This classroom based course provides a comprehensive study of the basics of Commercial Driving, with a particular focus on the safe, legal and professional operation of a variety of vehicles […]