Heavy-Duty Chassis Brake and Climate Control Systems

This course will explore chassis frame, suspension, and undercarriage systems utilized in both on & off highway equipment. Undercarriage wear patterns and service options on track type equipment will be […]

Electronic Troubleshooting

This course is a more in-depth study of electronic troubleshooting techniques on various electrical systems including transmission, hydraulic, engine, emission, and climate control systems. Students will utilize digital multi-meters, basic […]

Mobile Hydraulics II

The focus of this course will be problem-solving and troubleshooting techniques. Students will be introduced to hydrostatic drive theory and operation. Technical problems will be assigned for diagnosis where the […]

Vehicle Inspection and CDL

Requirements for federal annual inspection of heavy trucks will be studied. Students will also study for the Commercial Drivers License written exams.

Failure Analysis

The fundamentals of determining causes of failure of components of diesel engines, transmissions, hydraulic systems and chassis will be investigated. Students will be expected to evaluate causes of failure and […]

Mobile Hydraulics I

This course provides the student with an in-depth study of open and closed hydraulic systems. Students will study various systems used in mobile equipment today. Troubleshooting using schematics and test […]

Mobile Equipment Welding

A basic welding course including safety, proper use of equipment, gas welding theory and arc welding theory. Lab work will focus on arc welding practice in the flat, horizontal and […]

Heavy-Duty Power Trains

An introduction to the theory and operation of heavy-duty vehicle power trains. This course explores the principles of torque multiplication in transmissions, differential carriers and final drives. Clutches, torque converters […]

Cooperative Education

Provides the opportunity for the student to utilize learned course competencies in a real life setting. Provides supplemental laboratory experience on an extensive array of equipment and processes. (Prerequisites: DSL111W, […]

Fuel and Emission Systems

This course is an introduction to fuel and emission systems. Course will cover operating theory, maintenance, testing, and troubleshooting techniques. Break the fuel system down to its individual components and […]

Diesel Power Systems

This course serves as an introduction to diesel operating theory, nomenclature, maintenance, overhaul and troubleshooting procedures. Students will learn about various secondary systems, such as fuel injection, air induction, exhaust, […]

Heavy-Duty Electrical Systems

Students will explore electrical systems common to most diesel-powered equipment. Topics will include cranking, charging, lighting and accessory circuits. Students will also be introduced to electronic control modules used in […]