Writing the Short Story

Beginning with a series of individualized exercises and readings, the student will proceed to develop, draft and revise at least one good short story. The class is conducted as a […]

Children’s Language and Literature

This course presents children’s language and literature from a developmental perspective. Students examine various genres in order to choose appropriate literature for the developmental stages of children from birth through […]

Survey of Women’s Literature

Although with increasing education for women, published women’s writings became more common in the 19th century, British and American literature remained largely male dominated for decades to come. This survey […]

Professional Writing

This course builds on the composition basics of ENGL120, College Composition. It differs, however, in that Professional Writing produces documents you use in everyday life: practical, employment correspondence such as […]

Writing about Literature

This course introduces students to literary analysis. Specifically, students learn and practice fundamental critical skills in literary analysis, skills enabling them to access and interpret literary works with confidence and […]

College Composition

In this course, students learn the fundamentals of writing a research paper by engaging in a semester-long research project that ends with the submission of a seven-to-eight-page documented research paper. […]