Poetry: A Study of a Literary Form

Poetry: A Study of a Literary Form examines a wide range of poetry, acquainting students with major poets and potentially minor ones. It provides a strong basis for reading, understanding, […]

Survey of British Literature II: 1800 CE – 21st CE

Survey of British Literature II introduces students to British literature from the Romantic period up to contemporary British literature. It takes into account elements of fiction (e.g., theme, plot, character, […]

Survey of American Literature

Survey of American Literature introduces students to American literature with emphasis on the post-Revolutionary period. The course takes into account elements of fiction (e.g., theme, plot, character, symbol, style) and […]

The Graphic Novel

Graphic novels, also known as comic books or sequential art, have come a long way since the first issue of Superman. This relatively new form of literature has exploded in […]

Advanced Research Writing

Advanced Research Writing builds upon the fundamental research skills acquired in ENGL120W. Students learn advanced research-writing strategies and effective rhetorical techniques used across the curriculum and within disciplines. Reading peer-reviewed, […]

Creative Writing Workshop

In Creative Writing Workshop, students learn and practice the skills, strategies, techniques, and features that form the basis for producing original, well-crafted works of creative writing. To improve the quality […]

Media and Society

Media and Society is designed as a general analysis of the media: what influences content and how that content influences public decisions, society, and targeted audiences. It examines what impact […]

Oral Communication

Through practice in speech preparation and presentation, students in Oral Communication gain confidence and poise in public speaking. Students orally present a variety of speeches through various delivery modes (including […]

The Short Story

The Short Story presents the short story as a major literary genre and involves analytical readings and interpretations of early, modern, and contemporary fiction. It introduces the elements of short […]

Writing the Short Story

In Writing the Short Story, students begin with a series of individualized exercises and readings. They then proceed to draft and revise at least one good short story. The course […]

Children’s Language and Literature

Children’s Language and Literature presents children’s language and literature from a developmental perspective. Students examine various genres in order to choose appropriate literature for the developmental stages of children from […]