High quality children’s books will be used as a vehicle for supporting and applying current research on the acquisition of language and reading. This course will use an overview of exemplary authors and illustrators of children’s literature from birth to age 8 to promote language and literacy. Students will become familiar with Caldecott Award-winning books and the artistic techniques used to create these books. Poetry, multicultural books, and informational books as applied to early childhood education will be explored. Students will learn how to use children’s literature to highlight the literacy elements of characterization, plot, setting, and theme. Student will practice reading comprehension techniques by planning and documenting a weekly story hour in the college library. Emphasis on reading comprehension strategies and a balanced approached to literacy that will exposed children to the core areas of literacy such as oral language, phonological awareness print concepts, and written expression.  Students will observe and participate in an approved setting for at least 20 hours.