Wildlife and Outdoor Identification

Wildlife and Outdoor Identification teaches wildlife identification by tracks, calls, and sight. The term wildlife includes common species of mammals, birds, fish, waterfowl, reptiles, and amphibians. This course also gives […]

Commercial Driver Training-Practicum

Commercial Driver Training Practicum provides actual Commercial Motor Vehicle Class A drive time on public roads. Combined with CDT122W and CDT124W, this course is a comprehensive study of the basics […]

Commercial Driver Training-Behind the Wheel Range

Commercial Driver Training Behind the Wheel Range is a hands-on, comprehensive lab study where students learn and practice the physical operation of Class A, Commercial Motor Vehicle, Behind-the-Wheel “Range” skills […]

Commercial Driver Training-Theory

Commercial Driver Training Theory can be taken online. It is a practical course that provides a comprehensive study of the basics and application of Commercial Driving, with a focus on […]

Electric Vehicle Propulsion Systems

Electric Vehicle Propulsion Systems provides practical training in the basic theory and design aspects of the electric vehicle propulsion system. Topics discussed and applied in the lab include the rationale […]

Working with High Voltage Batteries

Working with High Voltage Batteries is designed to educate potential Electric Vehicle Technicians on how to safely handle high voltage batteries found in hybrid and electric vehicles. Students learn about […]

Bitcoin, Blockchains, and Energy

Bitcoin, Blockchains and Energy provides a foundation in blockchain technology and its complex interactions with the energy grid.  It is designed for those with little to no experience in the […]

Charcuterie, Buffet Production, and Design

Charcuterie, Buffet Production, and Design expands on Garde Manger and develops its relationship with forced and cured meats. Students organize, plan, and produce a variety of themed buffets. They also […]

Advanced Showpieces, Cakes, Plated Desserts, and Practicum

In Advanced Showpiece, Cakes, Plated Desserts, and Practicum, the semester begins with students focusing on the creation of edible centerpieces utilizing pastillage, pulled, blown, and poured sugar. Some of the centerpiece techniques are then […]