Understanding Young Children with Special Needs

This course will introduce the basic values that underlie supporting students who experience disabilities, and the roles of teacher assistants in supporting those individuals including the value of inclusion in […]

Teaching and Learning PreK II

The course will explore elements of curriculum development and what it looks and feels like in the classroom. Students will explore, practice, and document how to access prior knowledge, develop […]

Sociology of Children and Families

The course will provide an overview of families and family systems with emphasis on developing effective models of teacher/program/family partnerships. This course focuses influences on the development of children including […]

Introduction to Early Intervention

This course will provide an overview of early intervention from the historical, legal, and current best-practices perspectives, as well as an introduction to caring for infants with high-risk situations and […]

Promoting Language and Literacy

High quality children’s books will be used as a vehicle for supporting and applying current research on the acquisition of language and reading. This course will use an overview of […]

Infant Toddler Curriculum

This course provides the practical information for caring for infants and toddlers in a group setting based on a theoretical foundation. Students will focus on the principles of caregiving, infant […]

Teaching and Learning PreK I

The course focus is on planning aesthetically pleasant, safe, healthy learning environments for children that nurture and promote learning. Students will study and apply play-based curriculum incorporating early learning standards […]

Positive Guidance Techniques

The emphasis of the course is on the role of positive guidance techniques in preparing young children to become competent, confident, and cooperative individuals. Developmentally-appropriate methods of guiding children will […]

Health, Safety, and Nutrition for the Young Child

This course will cover the fundamentals of health, safety and nutrition issues and policies in early childhood settings. Students will explore the licensing, medical, legal, family and developmental issues relevant […]

Early Childhood Education Practicum I

An in-depth study of the fundamentals of early childhood education, including program development, physical setting and use of space, use of materials, adult-child interaction and curriculum. This course offers students […]