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Summer 2021 Course Schedule

WMCC Scheduling Terms: 

(NoLo): Courses have no- or low- cost course materials. Either no book or material is needed, or the required materials are under $40.

         (asynchronous): Courses are delivered 100% online. 

(remote synchronous): Courses are delivered through Zoom. Students are expected to attend class remotely at the listed day(s)/time(s). 

(hyflex): Courses are hybrid and flexible. Students are able to choose between attending face to face, remote synchronously or asynchronously. The face to face component of the course will take place at the location listed.

         (hybrid): Courses are delivered face to face with supplemental synchronous or asynchronous material delivery. Students are expected to attend class at the listed                    location, day(s), and time(s).

Full Semester: May 24th – August 13th (12 weeks)


Arts, Humanities, Communication and Design
  CRN Course Course Title CRDaysTimesLocationFacultyCost
 30121ENGL 120WCollege Composition (asynchronous)4  OnlineMoberly, S$940
30154ENGL 211WProfessional Writing (asynchronous)3  OnlineTilton, J$705
30620HIST 220WLiberty and Tyranny (NoLo)(asynchronous)3  OnlineLongenecker, M$705
30157HUMA 140WScience Fiction and Philosophy (NoLo)(asynchronous)3  OnlineVerani, J$705
30129HUMA 212WLegal and Ethical Issues (asynchronous)3  OnlineLepine, J$705
Business  Business
 30135MGMT 224WBusiness Internship (NoLo)1  Off Campus Nutting, N$235
Communication and Design  Education, Behavioral and Social Science
 30725CRMJ 270WCriminal Justice Internship (NoLo)3  Off Campus

Lemoine, J


30164ECE 112WChild Growth and Development (NoLo) (asynchronous)3  OnlineScott, R$725
30134ECE 211WOrganization & Management in Early Childhood Education (NoLo) (asynchronous)3  OnlineSmith, M$725
30153ECE 216WUnderstanding Young Children with Special Needs (NoLo) (asynchronous)3  OnlineBacon, L$725
30127EDU 200WSupporting Students with Challenging Behaviors (NoLo) (asynchronous)4  OnlineScott, R$960
30140EDU 201WLegal Issues in Education (NoLo) (asynchronous)3  OnlineScott, R$705
30618EDU 204WInstructional Technology (NoLo) (asynchronous)3  OnlineBehrman, K$705
30622HSV 221WInternship in Human Services II (NoLo)4  Off CampusGrant, C$960
30122PSYC 111WPsychology (NoLo) (asynchronous)3  OnlineDelli Colli, P$705
30123PSYC 112WHuman Growth & Development (NoLo)  (asynchronous)3  OnlineWoodward, A$705

Health and Science

Health Sciences and Services
 30611BIOL 112WNutrition (asynchronous)3  OnlineInnes, M$705
30831BIOL 113WNutrition Lab (hybrid)1M2pm-3:40pmBerlinAkerman, B$345
30126BIOL 114WHuman Anatomy & Physiology I (hybrid)4T10am-2:30pmLittletonSheetz, J$1050
30139BIOL 115WHuman Anatomy & Physiology II (hybrid)4M8am-12:10pmBerlinAkerman, B$1050
30614BIOL 120WHuman Biology (hybrid)4M4pm-8:30pmLittletonInnes, M$1050
30145BIOL 211WMicrobiology (NoLo) (hybrid)4W10am-2pmNorth ConwayOrff, M$1050
30125BIOL 211WMicrobiology (hybrid)4TR4pm-6:40pmLittletonCasciari, J$1050
30625MEDA 203WMedical Assistant Internship (NoLo)6  Off CampusMorin, A$1430
30706OTM 117WMedical Terminology (hybrid)3M1pm-3:30pmLittletonMorin, A$705
 Hospitality and Culinary
 30132CULA 211WCulinary Co-op I (NoLo)3  Off CampusGiles, T$725
30142CULA 230WBaking and Pastry Arts Co-op I  (NoLo)3  Off CampusWorthen, G$725
Humanities   Industry and Transportation
 30615CDT 120WCommercial Driver Training (5/10-8/20)16M-R8am-3pmLittletonMundell, P$6030
30133DSL 119WCooperative Education (NoLo)1  Off CampusPouliot, M$235
30710WELD 200WWelding Occupational Health and Safety (8/16-8/19) (NoLo)1M-R8am-3:30pmBerlinWells, H$520
30711WELD 230WPipe Welding Skills and Principles (5/10-8/13) (NoLo)17M-R8am-3:30pmBerlinWelding Faculty$7415

STEM & Advanced Manufacturing
 30624IST 200WIT Internship (NoLo)1  Off CampusCouture, C$235
30131MATH 120WQuantitative Reasoning (hyflex)4T12:30pm-3:30pmBerlinFox, M$940
30160MATH 214WStatistics (asynchronous)4  OnlinePicard, D$940

Accelerated Learning: June 28th-August 20th (8 weeks)


Arts, Humanities, Communication and Design
  CRN Course Course Title CRDaysTimesLocationFacultyCost
 30623HUMA 212WLegal and Ethical Issues (hybrid)3W2:30pm-5pmNorth ConwayGilmore, D$705


 30616ECON 112WPrinciples of Microeconomics (asynchronous)3  OnlineJohnson, M$705
Communication and Design  Education, Behavioral and Social Science
 30621HSV 111WIntroduction to Human Services (asynchronous)3  OnlineCouture, S$705
30163SOCI 111WSociology (asynchronous)3  OnlineMay, S$705

Save Your Summer! (See dates listed for each course)

  CRN Course Course Title CRDaysTimesLocationFacultyCost
 30610ARTS 135WPlien Air Drawing (6/21-6/25)3M-F8am-4pmBerlinMurphy, O$815
30137HUMA 240WCritical Thinking Seminar (5/24-6/18) (asynchronous)3  OnlineGagnon, P$705

Schedule is subject to change                                               Course descriptions and Liberal Arts requirements                                Last Updated: 6/16/2021