Database Development

Students will review setting up a database, entering and editing records, and generating lists and reports. Much of the semester will be spent on learning how to design relational database […]

Business Technology

This course explores the connections between business initiatives and technology choices in the work place. ¬†Students will examine different strategies that can enhance business communication with global economies. ¬†Crafting technology […]

Introduction to CAD

An introduction to computer-aided drafting for students in any discipline. Emphasis is on developing basic competency in using a 2D CAD system for drawing production. Designed for students with little […]

Comprehensive Presentation Methods

The main objective of this course is to train students in the use of design techniques in order to create visual presentation environments. The course teaches students basic visual techniques […]

Quantitative Decision Making

This course is designed for Accounting, Business Administration, and Office Technology majors. Students will demonstrate competencies in data organization, graphics, financial, statistical and mathematical operations using Excel spreadsheets software. A […]

Accounting with QuickBooks

Students apply accounting principles using QuickBooks to open companies, handle customers and sales, work with vendors and inventory, process payroll and create reports. (Prerequisite: ACCT111W or POI)

Software Applications

This course is for students with some previous knowledge and exposure to computers and serves as a foundation course for all other computer courses. The focus of the course is […]

Introduction to PowerPoint

This course will teach students how to utilize PowerPoint as presentation software. Students will learn how to use computer technology to replace or augment traditional presentation tools such as overheads, […]

Introduction to Database Management

An introductory course intended for those students who have little or no experience with database applications. Students will learn to employ database management techniques to manipulate and analyze data using […]

Introduction to the Internet

This one-credit course will feature a hands-on introductory exploration of the Internet. The concept and layout of the Internet will be studied, as well as the tools, particularly e-mail and […]

Introduction to Spreadsheets

An introductory course intended for those students who have little or no experience with spreadsheet applications. This one-credit course will introduce students to the basic uses of spreadsheet software. Students […]

Introduction to Windows and Word Processing

An introductory course designed to introduce students to the Microsoft Windows operating system, as well as the most common applications of word processing in business and industry. The course will […]