Fundamentals of Neuroscience and Wellness

Fundamentals of Neuroscience and Wellness explores the relationship between human brains and human behavior. Students learn how brain disorders, mental illnesses, and abuse/misuse issues affect information processing in the brain. […]

Introduction to Counseling

Introduction to Counseling introduces the theory and practice of counseling and the counseling profession. Students explore the foundations of counseling, the counseling process, and theories and techniques used therein. Through […]

Internship in Human Services II

Internship in Human Services II is a continuation of HSV216W. A minimum of 135 hours is required. (Prerequisite: ENGL120W, HSV111W, HSV114W, HSV212W, PSYC111W or POI)

Chemical Dependence

Chemical Dependence introduces concepts relevant to the diagnosis and treatment of chemical dependency. Discussion focuses on the disease concept of chemical dependence, the effect of substance abuse problems on the […]

Internship in Human Services I

Internship in Human Services I offers an in-depth work experience enabling students to apply what they have learn in their coursework by working with a specific client population. Learning objectives […]

Issues of Children and Families

Issues of Children and Families covers material related to providing services for children, youth, and their families. Topics include normal development, family issues, family-systems theory, child abuse and neglect, family […]

Supportive Communication Skills

In Supportive Communication Skills, students gain awareness of interactional communication skills expected in a supportive relationship and learn about the general practice of these skills. Through verbal instructions, role playing, […]

Trauma Counseling and Self-care

Trauma Counseling and Self-Care teaches students about various forms of trauma, about the way symptoms can manifest themselves following a traumatic event, and about the manner in which one can […]

Crisis Intervention

Crisis Intervention presents information pertaining to the characteristics of crisis and crisis intervention. Students study various crisis-intervention models and learn basic intervention skills. The course covers hostage negotiations; disaster response; […]

Social and Political Issues in Human Services

In Social and Political Issues in Human Services, students study and present information on topics related to social and political trends. Students learn about forces that profoundly influence service recipients […]

Case Management

Case Management reviews the process for designing and implementing systems of support for human-service consumers. Students discuss and present current and evolving models for assessment and planning, as well as […]

Introduction to Human Services

Introduction to Human Services provides students with the background material and concepts necessary to understand the theory and practice of services for people with a variety of challenges. The course […]