Fundamentals of Neuroscience and Wellness

This course explores the relationship between the chemistry in the brain and behavior. We will also explore the counseling techniques for those clients with brain injuries, illnesses, and abuse/misuse issues.

Introduction to Counseling

An introduction to the theory and practice of counseling. This course will present a comprehensive introduction to the counseling profession. Students will explore the foundations of counseling, the counseling process, […]

Spirituality in the Helping Professions

This course assists students to understand the dimensions of wellness by learning about diversified spiritual beliefs and the concept of spirituality. Students in the helping professions will learn assessment and […]

Internship in Human Services II

A continuation of HSV216W. A minimum of 135 hours is required.(Prerequisite: ENGL120W, HSV111W, 112W, 114W, 212W, PSYC111W or POI)

Human Sexuality

Provides an understanding of human sexuality, reproduction and sexuality throughout the life span. Explores issues related to sexuality, including rape and sexual abuse. Discussion will also focus on sexuality issues […]

Chemical Dependence

This course introduces concepts relevant to the diagnosis and treatment of chemical dependency. Discussion will focus on the disease concept of chemical dependence, the effect of substance abuse problems on […]

Internship in Human Services I

Offers an in-depth work experience that provides the opportunity to apply knowledge by working with a specific client population. Learning objectives and specific activities will be individualized depending on the […]

Issues of Children and Families

The course will cover information related to providing services for children, youth and their families. Topics will include normal development, family systems theory, family issues, child abuse and neglect, family […]

Issues in Developmental Disabilities

The course will cover information specifically related to developmental disabilities, including definitions and sub-categories, etiology, assessment, treatment issues, legal, social, medical and ethical issues. (Prerequisites: ENGL120W, HSV111W, 112W, or POI)

Supportive Communication Skills

This course provides an awareness and general practice of interactional communication skills expected in a supportive relationship. Supportive communication will be taught through verbal instructions, role playing activities, videotaping, class […]

Introduction to Gerontology

An introduction to the theory and practice of gerontology. This course will consider the chronological, biological, psychological and social adjustment of older people. Lifespan development, person-environment interaction, optimal quality of […]

Trauma Counseling and Self-care

This class focuses on issues of loss, grief, and survivorship. ┬áThe subjects include trauma from natural disasters, war, assault, suicide, and accidental death. Methods of self-care for counselors who work […]