Financing Does Not Have to be a Barrier

If you are ready to take your career to the next level but are concerned about how you could pay for it, following are grants and scholarships available for many of our career development programs.

Tuition assistance through the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA) is available for career development programs in areas like healthcare, manufacturing, technology, construction, and hospitality.

Individuals meeting specific criteria may be eligible for up to $6,500.00 in tuition assistance. To find out if you may qualify, examine their WIOA Facts Sheet.

The New Hampshire Charitable Foundation (NHCF) boasts 429 scholarship funds awarding more than $7 million annually to students. While there are many funds, NHCF requires only one application through ScholarshipSource, their online application platform.  

To explore eligibility requirements, visit the New Hampshire Charitable Foundation website and determine if the certificate, license, or industry-recognized credential you are pursuing is covered by NHCF.

Scholarship Funds for Health Careers

The Rural Health Careers Scholarship Fund provides scholarship assistance to individuals currently employed by a rural healthcare organization to help them continue their education and advance their career.

The Rural Health Careers scholarships are funded through the US Department of Labor’s H-1B Rural Healthcare Workforce Development grant program. The goal of this program is to address healthcare workforce shortages in rural communities across the country by creating and providing access to sustainable employment and training programs in healthcare occupations. Dartmouth-Hitchcock was one of several organizations across the country to receive a grant award.

Who is eligible for the Rural Health Careers Scholarship?

Applicants for this scholarship must meet both of the following criteria:

  1. Be employed by an employer partner of the Rural Health Careers grant program.
  1. Be pursuing continued education from an education partner of the grant that leads to advancement in one of these US DOL targeted career fields:
Licensed Nursing AssistantNursing
Medical AssistantPhlebotomy