Our flexible, transferable, and practical program will assist you to succeed in today’s dynamic business and economic environment.  The program is designed to meet your professional and educational needs. Whether you’re looking to advance in a current organization, transfer to a four-year college or university, or start a small business, our expert faculty will make sure you are thoroughly prepared for the future.

The Business Administration program at White Mountains Community College prepares graduates to meet the challenge of today’s dynamic business and economic environment.  Whether you want to begin a new career or advance in the business world, our program provides students with a solid foundation of knowledge in business practice and the skills you need to succeed in industry today.


Currently working?  Have a crazy, busy life outside of work?  We have you covered.  Our courses are offered in various formats and times to suit your schedule.  Don’t put your life on hold.


Our program can also be the start of an affordable and attainable path to a bachelor’s degree. Spend two years at WMCC, spend two years at any of the schools we have agreements with like GSC and PSU and then spend a lifetime bragging about how smart you are and how much money you saved!


Learn the skills you need to succeed immediately in a business environment.  In addition to a solid foundation in accounting and business processes, students learn how to develop and market products, write business plans and navigate the waters of HR and Business Law.  Finish with courses on Leadership and Management and an Internship to practice all that you have learned, and you have a perfect recipe for career success.

Program available in Littleton and online.

First Year

Fall SemesterLecLabCr
ACAD105WAcademic Readiness101
ACCT111WAccounting I303
BUS112WIntro to Business Administration303
ENGL120WCollege Composition404
MATH120WQuantitative Reasoning404
 Semester Totals15015
Spring Semester    
ACT114WFinancial Accounting303
COMP110WBusiness Computer Applications303
ECON112WPrinciples of Microeconomics303
MGMT112WIntro to Business Logic and Ethics303
 Semester Totals16016
 Total Credits for Year  31

Second Year

Fall Semester    
ACCT214WManagerial Finance and Accounting303
ECON111WPrinciples of Macroeconomics303
ENGL211WProfessional Writing303
MGMT214WManagement & Teamwork303
RRM201WIntroduction to Human Resources303
 Semester Totals15015
Spring Semester    
BUS216WBusiness Plan Development303
MGMT215WBusiness Law303
MGMT224WBusiness Internship031
MGMT230WLeadership and Strategic Management303
 Semester Total 15316
 Total Credits for Year  31
 Total for A.S. Degree  62

Program Outcomes

Upon successful completion of this program, graduates will be prepared to:

  • Understand and explain fundamental leadership theories and practice in a classroom
  • Identify, explain, and apply skills in using software to present information and material
    in an organized, professional way in front of small audiences.
  • Prepare a comprehensive business plan for the purpose of understanding all functions
    of business from the cash flow statement in accounting to applying social media
    marketing in management.
  • Interpret effective leadership skills that work with individual strengths and weaknesses
    to develop a style that can be applied successfully in a small or medium size
  • Conduct appropriate, ethical analyses to business problems and offer logical solutions.
  • Explain and apply basic business law theory and practice to common legal issues in a
    small business.
  • Present a professional work ethic and demeanor in a management workplace
    environment over an extended period of time.

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65 Credits Required


of students qualify for financial aid