The Pipe Welding Certificate program provides the student with the skills and knowledge necessary to achieve the American Society for Mechanical Engineers (ASME) certification. Pipe Welding graduates can expect to earn up to 50% more than their structural welding counterparts.  Program admission is limited to students who have successfully completed the Advanced Welding Certificate program and have passed the American Welding Society (AWS) certification, or with instructor permission.

Health/Safety Considerations for All Welding Programs

The college must ensure that students, faculty and equipment are not placed in jeopardy by students during learning experiences.  Therefore, students in the welding lab must demonstrate sufficient emotional stability to withstand the stresses and changing circumstances that are inherent in a lab of this size or be removed from the program.  Applicants should be aware of the basic health and fitness requirements for many careers in welding industry.  Prospective students with special needs or limitations that may affect their Co-op placement or potential employability or both are encouraged to discuss their career goals with the program coordinator prior to admission.

Furthermore, the student is expected to be able to exercise sound judgment, accept direction and guidance from a faculty member and work for reasonable periods of time with potentially dangerous equipment and processes without direct supervision.  This includes the ability to identify and avoid potential safety risks for themselves and avoid creating potential safety risks for others.

Program available in Berlin.

Summer Semester Lec Lab Cr
WELD200W Welding Occupational Health and Safety 2 0 2
WELD230W Pipe Welding Skills and Principles 0 34 17
  Totals 2 34 19

Program Outcomes

Upon successful completion of this program, graduates will be prepared to:

  • Evaluate potential hazards and apply procedures to maintain workplace safety.
  • Analyze job requirements and plan work activities to meet customer needs.
  • Select and operate tools and equipment to support welding and related activities.
  • Cut and bevel pipe using oxyfuel torches and the Millhog Pipe Beveler.
  • Properly align and fit up pipe for welding.
  • Perform Shielded Metal Arc Welding on various pipe sizes to industry standards and pass the ASME 6G Schedule 80 6” Pipe Welding Certification.
  • Perform Gas Tungsten Arc Welding on various pipe sizes to industry standards and pass the ASME Schedule 80 4” Pipe Welding Certification.
  • Evaluate work quality and generate recommendations for continuous improvement.
  • Prioritize work assignments and use time management skills effectively.
  • Apply problem solving and decision making skills to overcome obstacles in completing objectives.
  • Be successfully employed in the field.
  • Demonstrate technical skills to the satisfaction of their employers.

18 Credits Required


of students qualify for financial aid