Business Computer Applications

Business Computer Applications covers operating systems and a range of the most common applications in business and industry. It teaches intermediate to advanced skills in word-processing software, presentation software, and […]

Leadership and Strategic Management

A capstone, integrative course for Business Administration students about to graduate, Leadership and Strategic Management focuses on the way firms and managers formulate, implement, and evaluate management strategies. Students use […]

Business Internship

In this Business Internship course, students secure a position with a local business for 60 hours where they observe and work with experienced managers, who in turn evaluate them. Through […]

Business Law

Business Law covers the legal system as it relates to business, contracts, sales, property, commercial paper, agency and employment, partnerships and corporations, and risk-bearing devices.

Management and Teamwork

Management and Teamwork provides an active learning environment in which students explore management skills. They learn ways to develop self-awareness, build teams, solve problems, communicate supportively, motivate others, and manage […]


This course in marketing focuses on marketing theory and practice. Students learn about consumerism, pricing, motivation, and sales promotion. They write a marketing plan for a department at the College […]

Introduction to Business Logic and Ethics

Introduction to Business Logic and Ethics uses logic and problem-solving strategies as they relate to various business applications to address ethical issues. Students systematically analyze case problems to gain a […]

Principles of Microeconomics

Principles of Microeconomics examines the functional operation of the economy from a unit-analysis perspective. Topics include the individual firm, costs of production, perfect and imperfect competition, factors of consumer demand […]

Principles of Macroeconomics

Principles of Macroeconomics offers a survey of macroeconomic issues, such as world trade, causes of inflation, supply and demand, the role of unions, the role of productivity, the nature of […]

Business Computer Applications

This course is for students with some previous knowledge and exposure to computers and serves as a foundation course for all other computer courses. The focus of the course is […]

Business Plan Development

Business Plan Development teaches students how to formulate and present a business plan. Students complete and present a comprehensive business plan that draws upon many themes learned throughout their degree. […]

Introduction to Business Administration

Introduction to Business Administration consists of three modules: (1) Entrepreneur: This module gives students an overview of themselves so that they may find a suitable business career; (2) Overview of […]