Early College Program

wmcc Early College Program

Early College Program

What is Early College?

The Early College Program allows high school students an opportunity to enroll in college credit courses in Berlin, Littleton, or Conway.  Students would be integrated into regular college courses that could be applied to a degree or certificate program or transfer to another college. If your high school allows, credit from the Early College Program may also count towards your high school graduation requirements!  Speak with your guidance counselor about enrolling in the Early College Program!

Advantages of Early College

  • With your high school approval, a course will also be counted toward your high school requirements.
  •  Use these courses to explore a potential career you are considering or to complete your general education requirements early so that you can focus on your degree work when you get to college.
  • Early College tuition is 50% of the tuition cost for the course.  Fees are waived. The more courses you take, the more money you save when you do enter a college program.
  • Taking college courses while in high school may give you an advantage over other students applying for competitive programs.
  • WMCC provides free tutoring through the Academic Success Center.
  • Prepare yourself for college by experiencing a college course taken in a college setting and taught by college faculty.
  • Be part of a college environment that focuses on you.

The only question is, why wouldn’t you?  Here’s how to enroll:

  • Complete an Early College registration form.
  • Complete and obtain signatures on the Permission to Enroll form.
  • Submit your forms to the College Registrar with your payment (50% of the tuition per course).

The Early College process is easy, but staff is available to help you all the way through.  Call the Admissions Office with any questions you might have. 603-342-3000.

Early College Permission to Enroll
Early College Registration Form

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