With the ever-increasing demand on the healthcare industry, patient care technicians are a vital part of today’s medical workforce. Under the supervision of doctors, nurses, and other medical professionals, a patient care technician (PCT) helps look after sick and injured patients. Their primary duties include the following:

• Basic patient care like bathing, feeding, and catheter care

• Acquiring, distributing, and administering patient care supplies

• Collecting laboratory specimens

• Ensuring the cleanliness of patient rooms and conducting safety checks

• Monitoring and recording changes in patient health and vital signs

• Performing EKG and phlebotomy procedures

Patient care technicians have many options available for work location and environment. Most PCTs work in a hospital, home care agency, or a nursing home, while others work in doctors’ o ffices, clinics, or rehabilitation centers. Additional job placement opportunities can be found through specialized training, including dialysis, emergency room, and ICU specialization.