Withdrawing from the college is a serious step, and students should discuss this process with instructors, the academic advisor and the college counselor. To withdraw from the college, a student must complete the withdrawal form and an exit interview with the college counselor and financial aid director. Failure to attend classes does not constitute withdrawal from the college. However, students may be administratively withdrawn due to excessive absences.

Students may withdraw from the college up to one week before the end of the semester. The date of withdrawal is noted on the students’ academic college records, which also reflect the most recent date of class attendance, as needed, for students receiving scholarships, veteran’s benefits, or for recipients of Title IV financial aid or other awards with special attendance requirements. Academic records will be treated in accordance with the standards used for dropping individual courses.

A student who has withdrawn from the college or who has been suspended may apply for readmission through the Admissions Office.

Official System Withdrawal Policy

The following policies and procedures are used to determine the withdrawal date for any student who withdraws, officially or unofficially, from all classes during a semester.

Withdrawal From the College Through Official Notification by the Student

The Registrar’s Office is the official authority within the college designated to accept withdrawal notification. If a student communicates to a staff person in the Registrar’s office while that person is acting in an official capacity, that communication in whatever form (verbal or written), is considered official notification. Students are urged to submit a signed withdrawal form and/or Add/Drop form to the Registrar’s Office to show their intent to withdraw. The date the form is submitted to the Registrar is the withdrawal date and the date of notification to the school. Students may also withdraw from the college by phone, fax or mail. For a phone withdrawal, the Registrar’s Office will fill out the appropriate form and date stamp it with a notation that is was a phone withdrawal; for a fax or mail withdrawal, the Registrar’s Office will fill out the appropriate form and date stamp it with the mail/fax attached.

Withdrawal From the College Without Notification to the College (Dropout)

If a student ceases attendance without providing official notification, the withdrawal date will be the midpoint of the semester, unless the Registrar is notified otherwise (see below).

Students who stop attending class after the add/drop period will receive an AF from the instructor at the end of the semester. An AF grade is computed into the student GPA as an F.

However, an instructor may also give an AF grade at any point during the semester for violation of the instructor’s individual attendance policy, for disruptive classroom behavior, or for unsafe clinical practice (see AF grade definition). In this instance the instructor will submit the AF grade to the Registrar on a designated form. The date the form is submitted will be the date of notification.