Admission to White Mountains Community College is open to anyone whose academic record and personal qualifications suggest that he or she may pursue profitably one of its programs of study.

The procedure below is to be followed by each applicant for degree or certificate program. A student must take at least one course per year to maintain matriculated status, or must apply for readmission and abide by any new requirements in force at that date.

  1. File an application for admission.  The application is free. When requested, complete a personal interview with a college representative.
  2. Submit evidence of high school graduation or high school equivalency (HiSET / GED), with an official transcript of courses, grades and standardized tests.
  3. Present recommendations from a high school source or employer(s) or both when appropriate. The recommendations should reflect character, personality, special abilities, and general qualifications for college study.
  4. Submit an official transcript of all previous postsecondary work with course descriptions.
  5. A physical examination may be necessary to meet the requirements of selected programs.  Be sure to complete the physical within the timeframe requested of your program.
  6. Apprise the college of eligibility for Veterans Administration and other aid programs.

Note: It is the applicant’s responsibility to request that official transcripts of previous study be mailed directly to the Admissions Office. High school transcripts must be received prior to consideration of the application.

Official application forms for White Mountains Community College are available at high school guidance offices, at the college, or from the college’s website. 

Please Note: Homeschool students are encouraged to apply for admission to White Mountains Community College.  They are expected to meet the same admission requirements as other applicants and to document the academic work they have completed.  Because the nature of home-schooling is inherently unique to each student, the college requires appropriate documentation to determine admission as follows:

  • A letter or other documentation from the student’s local school district stating that the student has completed a homeschool program at the high school level.
  • A list of courses taken and grades earned and/or portfolio of work accomplished.
  • HiSET / GED or other testing, if applicable.

For additional admissions information, please e-mail us at