Spring 2023 Late Start Course Schedule

WMCC Scheduling Terms:  

          (asynchronous): Courses are delivered 100% online. There is no set day or time to meet for class. Content is delivered online, and assignments must be submitted             by the due date.

          (bimodal): Students are free to attend on-campus or remote synchronously through Zoom. The course takes place at the campus listed.

          (hybrid): Courses are  delivered face to face with supplemental synchronous or asynchronous material delivery. Students are expected to attend class at the listed                    location, day(s), and time(s).

          (hyflex): Courses are hybrid and flexible. Students are able to choose between attending face to face, remote synchronously or asynchronously. The face to face                     component of the course will take place at the location listed.

          (NoLo): Courses have no- or low- cost course materials. Either no book or material is needed, or the required materials are under $40.

          (remote synchronous): Courses are delivered through Zoom. Students are expected to attend class remotely at the listed day(s)/time(s).

Course dates are 3/20-5/6 unless otherwise noted.

 CRN  Course Section  Course Title  CR Days Times Location Cost Faculty
20681 CAR 101W BF2 Career Readiness (NoLo) 2 T 3pm-4:40pm Berlin $470 Bacon, L
21523 CRMJ 230W BS1 Justice and the Community (3/20-5/6) (bimodal) 3 T 6:30pm-8:30pm Berlin/Zoom $705 Brann, C
20716 DEDI 103W XS1 Driver Education Classroom Methods (2/20-4/1)(remote asynchronous) (NoLo) 3 M 7pm-9pm Zoom $705 Doucette, L
20717 DEDI 105W LH1 In Vehicle Driver Education Methods (4/3-5/6) (hybrid) (on campus 4/28 ONLY) 3 F 9am-4pm Littleton $855 Doucette, M
20577 DEDI 111W XS1 Zone Control (4/3-5/6) (asynchronous) (NoLo) 2 M 7pm-9pm Zoom $470 Doucette, M
23247 DSL 228W BF1 Vehicle Inspection and CDL (3/20-5/6) (NoLo) 1



Off Campus $235 Welch, B
23347 ECE 112W ZZ1 Child Growth and Development (3/20-5/6) (asynchronous) (NoLo) 3     Online $705 Scott, R
20688 ECE 118W BS1 Infant, Toddler, and Preschool Curriculum (3/20-5/6) (bimodal) (NoLo) 3 T 5:30pm-8pm Berlin/Zoom $725 Hart,D
20582 ECE 213W ZZ1 Sociology of Children and Families (3/20-5/6) (asynchronous) (NoLo) 3     Online $705 Grant, C
20579 EDU 132W ZZ1 Learning & Teaching Styles in DEI (2/21-4/2) (asynchronous) (NoLo) 1     Online $235 Doucette, L
20580 EDU 134W ZZ1 Special Education in the School in DEI (4/4-5/7) (asynchronous) (NoLo) 1     Online $235 Doucette, L
20533 EDU 204W BS1 Instructional Technology (3/20-5/6) (bimodal) (NoLo) 3 T 4pm-6:30pm Berlin/Zoom $705 Laplante, M
23346 EDU 230W ZZ1 Essentials of Career and Technical Curriculum and Instruction (3/20-5/6) (asynchronous) (NoLo) 3     Online $705 Scott, R
22020 ENGL 120W ZZ3 College Composition (3/20-5/6)(asynchronous) (NoLo) 4     Online $940 Moberly, S
20591 HIST 120W ZZ1 Contemporary World Issues (3/20-5/6) (asynchronous) (NoLo) 3     Online $705 Freedman, D
20544 HUMA 212W ZZ2 Legal and Ethical Issues (3/20-5/6)(asynchronous)  3     Online $705 Woodward, A
20568 MATH 120W ZZ2 Quantitative Reasoning (3/20-5/6) (asynchronous) 4     Online $940 Sweeny, T
23717 MATH 120W ZZ4 Quantitative Reasoning (2/6-5/6) (asynchronous) (NoLo) 4     Online $940 Seigle, K
20530 PSYC 111W ZZ1 Psychology  (3/20-5/6) (asynchronous) (NoLo) 3     Online $705 Carbee, T

Schedule is subject to change                                                  Course Descriptions and Liberal Arts requirements                                               Last updated 2/1/2023