Dual Admission


White Mountains Community College and the University System of New Hampshire recognize the value of working together to provide students seeking higher education a variety of accessible pathways toward achieving their goals.  A collection of articulation and transfer agreements currently provide students with many transfer options, including the new Dual Admission program with the University System of New Hampshire.  The Dual Admission program permits students to complete an associate degree at WMCC and move to one of the institutions within the University System of New Hampshire.  Students will enter with junior status by completing a single application (as long as the dual admission courses are the subset that will transfer into baccalaureate programs and the courses are completed with a grade of C or better).  The program is aimed toward simplicity and affordability for participating students.

Program elements consist of:

A single application completed with WMCC and shared with the USNH institution.

Comprehensive academic advising and an advising contract to make sure students know the terms and conditions of the program and start and stay on track.

Transition programming during the WMCC enrollment period preparing students for entry to the 4-year USNH institution of their choice.

A communication plan to keep students informed on important matters from the point of inquiry through USNH completion. Students will pay WMCC tuition and fees while taking courses there. Once they graduate, they will then pay tuition and fees of the University System institution they have enrolled in.  This means students can earn a bachelor’s degree from a USNH institution and save a lot of money along the way!

The Dual Admission program is ideal for students planning to pursue a degree in liberal arts.  Admission to certain majors is dependent upon meeting major specific GPA and course requirements. Students will be guaranteed entry into a USNH school with the completion of their associate degree, and a cumulative 2.5 grade point average.  Transfer credit will only be given for courses with a grade of C or better.  No application or fee is required.  Students transitioning to a USNH institution only need to submit an “intent to enroll” form to the institution of choice.  Students do not need to attend college full-time to be eligible.  

Dually admitted students will be guaranteed on-campus housing if they wish to live on-campus.  While enrolled at WMCC, students will be invited to join in social, athletic and cultural events throughout the academic year at the USNH campus they are transitioning to.

Students who are ready to get started on their dual enrollment may contact the WMCC Admissions Office at 603-342-3000.