Gosselin Speaks from a Great Experience


Cari Gosselin has a unique perspective when speaking with high school students in her job as a recruiter for White Mountains Community College. She’s been there, done that – as recently as last spring. For that reason, her words carry greater significance in the eyes of teenagers who are facing the same decision she encountered not so long ago.

Gosselin graduated from WMCC last May and is now working as a recruiter for the college. She attends college fairs and visits career & technical centers to provide high school students with information and guidance on the variety of programs at WMCC, from automotive technology and welding to nursing, business and health sciences. Only 22, she is able to identify with teens looking to decide on their next career path. Perhaps more important, they feel a connection to her.  “I think they find me more real than recruiters who have been out of school for a long time,” she says. “I’m a person standing in front of them talking about opportunities that I just experienced myself.”

Gosselin’s love for WMCC is clear. As a student she was president of the Student Senate, and she continues to work with the Senate in her role in student engagement, searching for ways to enhance their time on campus. While earning her Associate of Science in General Studies, she also took courses in a variety of other disciplines, which now serves her well as she talks about all that WMCC has to offer.

“There are two things I like to point out when I talk about WMCC. The first is the lower cost of the education. You can’t go wrong,” she says. “The second is the quality of the education. Some people don’t believe a community college offers the same high quality education as a four-year university. I’m living proof of what a community college can do for you.”

Gosselin, who is currently studying online for a Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice at Southern New Hampshire University, enjoys telling students how she landed at WMCC after spending one semester at a four-year university.  “The four-year school just wasn’t for me, and then I came to WMCC and just flourished,” she says. “I really like telling people that. I wouldn’t do something if I didn’t have a passion for it. When I speak to students, I’m there because I believe what I’m saying. I tell them that if it can happen for me it can happen for them, too.”

Gosselin’s passion flows through every aspect of her life, as a full-time recruiter with WMCC, a full-time student at SNHU, even as a nearly full-time bowler. Yes, a bowler. Despite a schedule that has her working five days a week and taking classes five nights a week, she is a member of three bowling leagues. “I make the time for bowling because it’s something I really enjoy,” says Gosselin, who has a high game of 258.

She is confident she’s rolling only strikes when she encourages students to think about attending WMCC.  “I want to make them realize that they have the opportunity to come here and get the same quality education as a four-year school at a fraction of the cost,” she says. “Many people have no idea that’s the case. I want them to know.