Sculpture and the 3-D World

In Sculpture and the 3-D World, students learn the basic processes and foundations of sculpture and 3-D design. Students engage in hands-on experimentation with different sculptural mediums, learning about how […]

Drawing with Color

In Drawing with Color, students learn the elements and principles of art and design using color. A hands-on approach, the course exposes students to the science and psychology of color […]

Plein Air Drawing

Plein Air Drawing is for both beginning artists and artists who wants to improve their skills. Participants explore our beautiful North Country with an artist’s eye. This course requires gallery […]

Introduction to Drawing

Introduction to Drawing is designed for students to explore materials, techniques, historical trends, and creative expression using drawing media. The class focuses on the Elements of Art: line, shape, color, […]

A World of Art: Works in Progress

A World of Art gives students deeper insight into the artists’ personalities, the artists’ working process, and the works of art, themselves. The course follows various contemporary artists through their […]