Charcuterie, Buffet Production, and Design

Charcuterie, Buffet Production, and Design expands on Garde Manger and develops its relationship with forced and cured meats. Students organize, plan, and produce a variety of themed buffets. They also […]

Advanced Showpieces, Cakes, Plated Desserts, and Practicum

In Advanced Showpiece, Cakes, Plated Desserts, and Practicum, the semester begins with students focusing on the creation of edible centerpieces utilizing pastillage, pulled, blown, and poured sugar. Some of the centerpiece techniques are then […]

Culinary Foundations and Food Preparation Techniques

Culinary Foundations and Food Preparation Techniques provides students with the essential knowledge of kitchen equipment, knife skills, and basic principles of food preparation. Students prepare various meats, vegetables, and starches, […]

Food and Beverage Operations

In Food and Beverage Operations, students learn how food-service professionals create and deliver guest-driven service, enhance value, build guest loyalty, and continuously improve the process of providing excellent service.

Baking and Pastry Arts Co-op

Degree candidates in the Baking and Pastry Arts curriculum are required to complete three-hundred hours of on-the-job experience for which they are paid by their respective employers. The students are required […]

Product Purchasing and Marketing

In Product Purchasing and Marketing, students learn about purchasing specifications and marketing techniques that enhance sales and profits. They also learn the essentials for operating a successful catering business. (POI)

Food Service Management

Food Service Management studies key financial issues in cost control within the food-service environment. The course covers payroll, taxes, scheduling, labor forecasting, production lists, inventory procedures, food costing and control, […]

Menu Analysis and Restaurant Design

Menu Analysis and Restaurant Design explains the importance of a menu in relationship to costs, pricing, creativity, and guest satisfaction. Students design a floor plan for a restaurant using computer […]