Baking and Pastry Arts Co-op I

Baking and Pastry Arts Co-op I offers Baking and Pastry Arts degree candidates the opportunity to fulfill the required 300 hours of on-the-job experience for which they are paid by […]

Advanced Garde Manger

Advanced Garde Manger expands on the artistic presentation of cold and hot foods. The course also covers advanced meat fabrication, platter presentation, and buffet production. (Co-requisites: CULA213W, 214W, 215W, 217W […]

Senior Practicum

The Senior Practicum is the student’s “black box” exam. The exam is a hands-on exam based on the previous culinary laboratories. Students must pass this exam to graduate from the […]

Product Purchasing and Marketing

In Product Purchasing and Marketing, students learn about purchasing specifications, and marketing techniques that enhance sales and profits. They also learn the essentials for operating a successful catering business. (POI)

Advanced Restaurant Techniques

Students will spend 45 hours at an off-site food service establishment that works in cooperation with the culinary program. Food preparation and production will be emphasized, as well as exposure […]

Healthy Cuisine

Healthy Cuisine focuses on cooking for the customer’s health. Students explore vegetarian, low-fat, and other diets, as well as modified traditional diets. (Co-requisites: CULA220W, 221W, 223W, 224W or POI)

History and Culture Theory

History and Culture Theory develops sensitivity to the relationship between specific foods and the cultures of France, Italy, and China. It also covers the people, places, and things that have […]

Food Service Management

Food Service Management studies key financial issues in cost control within the food-service environment. The course covers payroll, taxes, scheduling, labor forecasting, production lists, inventory procedures, food costing and control, […]

International Cuisine

International Cuisine emphasizes both the influences and ingredients that create the unique character of selected cuisines from around the world. Menus from these cuisines are produced in a lab-oriented production […]

A la Carte Cookery

A la Carte Cookery exposes students to cooking to order  and provides experience in front-of-the-house procedures. (Co-requisites: CULA220W, 221W, 223W, 224W or POI)

Regional American Cuisine

In Regional American Cuisine, students learn about and produce New England, Cajun/Creole, West Coast, and Southwestern cuisines. (Co-requisites: CULA220W, 221W, 223W, 224W or POI)

Buffet Theory

Buffet Theory presents thematic concepts in ethnic and general buffet presentation. The course is taught only as a co-requisite to the four-fall senior culinary laboratories. (Co-requisites: CULA213W, 214W, 215W, 229W)