Abnormal Psychology

This course surveys abnormal psychology and mental illness. Presentation and discussion will include identifying major disorders, mental illnesses, and reviewing the psychological, social and cultural impact of mental disorders. Use […]

Educational Psychology

This course is designed to cover five broad topics: development, learning, lesson and classroom management, assessment, and characteristics of learners. The Development component focuses on developmental theories of cognition and […]

Human Growth and Development

Human development is explored from the psychological point of view. The developmental stages of the life-span are emphasized along with cognitive growth patterns. (Prerequisite: ENGL120W strongly recommended)


An introductory course which surveys the behavioral science of psychology. Personal and social behaviors are explored through such topics as: consciousness, memory, learning, perception, physiology, sexuality, cognition, abnormal behavior and […]

Introduction to Philosophy (The Examined Life)

The course traces the history of western philosophy from its beginnings in ancient Greece to contemporary developments in the modern world. The class will demonstrate how philosophy is unique and […]