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Advanced Industrial Welding Processes

This course will provide students with the necessary skills to successfully complete the American Welding Society D 1.5 unlimited thickness structural steel test using E7018 Shielded Metal Arc Welding in […]

May 28, 2020

Mechanical Systems

Students will learn how to accurately measure components and parts utilizing precision measuring tools including rules, protractors, calipers and micrometers. They will use these tools while learning the basics of […]

Introduction to Industrial Mechanics

Providing both a classroom and hands on approach, students in this course will learn about reading and using measuring tools, testing tools, different fastening methods, precision measurements, rigging/ hoisting, and […]

Industrial Tools and Workplace Safety

This course covers workplace safety, hazard identification, and the safe use of common hand tools that Industrial Mechanics use along with how to properly maintain and store them. This course […]

Industrial Welding and Cutting Operations

Utilizing a mixture of theory classes and practical lab exercises, students in this course will safely learn the basics of industrial arc welding and industrial cutting. Students will practice all […]

Commercial Driver Training

CDT120W is a combined classroom and practical course that provides a comprehensive study of the basics and application of Commercial Driving, with a focus on the safe, legal, and professional […]

May 24, 2020

Business Computer Applications

COMP110W is for students with some previous knowledge and exposure to computers. The course covers operating systems and a range of the most common applications in business and industry. It […]

Survey in Nondestructive Examination

This course explores the methods of examining welds utilizing nondestructive techniques. These methods are applied to discover discontinuities within welded material and determine if a weld is structurally sound. Testing […]

May 23, 2020

Welding Hazard Identification and Assessment

This course covers the identification and assessment of hazards in the welding workplace. Training will include how to identify hazards for the purpose of preventing accidents and injuries by protecting […]

Career Readiness

This course prepares trade students for entry into the workforce by providing the necessary tools to procure employment in their respective fields. Topics covered in this course will include trade […]

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