Uniform and Tool Information 

There is a standard uniform required for all students enrolled in the Culinary Arts program. Each student is required to wear the following full uniform to every lab. A minimum of three (3) complete uniforms must be obtained:

1. White double breasted chef jacket – embroidered with school NHCI logo in black
2. Black & white checkered trousers
3. White paper chef hat minimum 6″ in height (to be furnished by the culinary arts program).
4. Both White bib aprons and four-fold standard aprons
5. Fully enclosed black oil resistant shoes

The white chef jacket is a standard double-breasted jacket. The trousers are black/white checkered. A white paper hat is also required and will be furnished by the culinary arts program. A white bib apron and four-fold apron is required.

Chef jackets come with embroidery of NHCI school logo and can be ordered through the company listed below. Students need to identify themselves as New Hampshire Culinary Institute students, not White Mountains Community College culinary students, and ask for the logo to be embroidered on the left side of the jacket above the pocket and their name on the right side of the jacket. The embroidery must be in black. If ordering from Happy chef, the jacket item number is 411 long sleeves and the chef pant item number HC10 black and white check at happychefuniform.com – no exceptions. A minimum of three complete uniforms must be obtained. To avoid back-orders, uniforms should be ordered as soon as possible.

Chef’s jackets with embroidery as well as chef pants are to be ordered from:

Happy Chef Uniforms: happychefuniforms.com or 800-347-0288

A professional knife set will be included as part of the culinary lab fees and is manufactured by Mercer Tool.

For students in the Baking and Pastry Arts Program there is an additional tool kit that will be included in the senior Baking and Pastry Arts lab fees. This additional tool kit, also from Mercer Tool, is sold to the students again with a significant discount from list price.

Culinary Tools Required

Tool box or *roll bag9″ or 10″ chef’s knife*Paring Knife*Stiff boning knife*
Steel*Narrow hollow ground slicer*12″ wavy edge slicer (serrated), cake knife*Apple corer*
Lemon zester*Lemon decorator or channel knife*Kitchen shears* 

*Denotes equipment included in the knife set included as part of your Culinary and Baking & Pastry Arts lab fees. 

Other required items students must purchase on their own

Digital Scale (up to 11 lbs. capacity) Escali brand recommendedMeasuring spoons (tsp, tbsp)Offset cake spatula (for icing cakes)Bench knifePocket thermometer (0-220 degrees F)
Large rubber spatula (heat resistant)Measuring cups (non-glass)Pastry brush (natural bristle, not nylon)One black tipped permanent markerPizza cutter

Many of these tools can be found at a local department store or kitchen specialty shop. They can also be ordered through:

Interstate Restaurant Equipment 1-800-258-3040
www.petesequipment.com 1-800-794-3454
J.B. Prince 1-212-683-3553 / catalog available on line www.jbprince.com

Second Year Baking and Pastry tools required

Microplane*12″ high heat resistant spoon*Plastic bowl scraper4″ offset spatula*4″ spatula*
8″ offset spatula*8″ spatula*Large pastry comb*Fondant smoother*5 piece modeling tool set*
Candy thermometer*Dipping tool set*8 piece decorating set*Round cutter set* 

*Denotes equipment included in the knife set included as part of your Culinary and Baking and Pastry Arts lab fees.