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Spring 2023 Course Schedule

January 17, 2023 – May 6, 2023
WMCC Scheduling Terms:  

          (asynchronous): Courses are delivered 100% online. There is no set day or time to meet for class. Content is delivered online, and assignments must be submitted by              the due date.

          (bimodal): Students are free to attend on-campus or remote synchronously through Zoom. The course takes place at the campus listed.

          (hybrid): Courses are  delivered face to face with supplemental synchronous or asynchronous material delivery. Students are expected to attend class at the listed                    location, day(s), and time(s).

          (hyflex): Courses are hybrid and flexible. Students are able to choose between attending face to face, remote synchronously or asynchronously. The face to face                     component of the course will take place at the location listed.

          (NoLo): Courses have no- or low- cost course materials. Either no book or material is needed, or the required materials are under $40.

          (remote synchronous): Courses are delivered through Zoom. Students are expected to attend class remotely at the listed day(s)/time(s).

Course dates are 1/17-5/6 unless listed otherwise.


     Arts, Humanities, Communication and Design

   CRN  Course Section  Course Title  CR Days Times Location
Academic Readiness
  20620 ACAD 105W ZZ1 Academic Readiness (1/17-3/11) (asynchronous) 1     Online
  20528 ENGL 120W NH1 College Composition (hybrid) 4 W 4:30pm-7:30pm North Conway
20586 ENGL 120W NC1 College Composition Co-requisite 0 W 7:30pm-8:30pm North Conway
20532 ENGL 120W ZZ2 College Composition (asynchronous) 4     Online
22020 ENGL 120W ZZ3 College Composition (3/20-5/6)(asynchronous) 4     Online
20521 ENGL 211W BF1 Professional Writing  3 M 1pm-3:30pm Berlin
20587 ENGL 211W ZZ2 Professional Writing (asynchronous) 3     Online
20563 ENGL 214W ZZ1 Children’s Language and Literature (asynchronous) 3     Online
21517 ENGL 225W BF1 Oral Communication  3 M 1pm-3:30pm Berlin
20566 ENGL 229W LY1 Media and Society (hyflex) 3 M 1pm-3:30pm Littleton
21513 ENGL 230W ZZ1 Creative Writing Workshop (asynchronous) 3     Online
20623 ENGL 235W BF1 Advanced Research Writing 4 W 1pm-4:20pm Berlin
20624 ENGL 246W ZZ1 Survey of American Literature (asynchronous) 3     Online
  21518 ENGL 255W BF1 Poetry: A Study of Literary Form 3 TH 1pm-3:30pm Berlin
  22019 ARTS 130W BF1 Introduction to Drawing 3 W 5pm-8:20pm Berlin
20591 HIST 120W ZZ1 Contemporary World Issues (3/20-5/6) (asynchronous)  3     Online
22686 HIST 215W BF1 Modern Western Civilization: 1500 to Present 3 W 6:30pm-9pm Berlin
20523 HUMA 106W BF1 Basic Music Theory Applied to Beginner Guitar  3 T 4pm-6:30pm Berlin
20662 HUMA 212W NF1 Legal and Ethical Issues 3 M 6pm-8:30pm North Conway
20544 HUMA 212W ZZ2 Legal and Ethical Issues (3/20-5/6)(asynchronous) 3     Online
22027 PHIL 140W ZZ1 Science Fiction and Philosophy (asynchronous)  3     Online
Library Technology
  20603 LIB 108W ZZ1 Introduction to Reference and Information Sources (asynchronous) 3     Online
20540 LIB 111W ZZ1 Technology & Media in Libraries (asynchronous) 3     Online
20643 LIB 114W INT Library Internship  3     Off Campus
20604 LIB 116W ZZ1 Introduction to Cataloging and Classification (asynchronous) 3     Online



  23214 ACCT 111W ZZ1 Accounting I (asynchronous) 3     Online
20600 ACCT 114W ZZ1 Financial Accounting (asynchronous)  3     Online
20572 ACCT 213W ZZ1 Taxation (asynchronous) 3     Online
20588 ACCT 250W XY1 Intermediate Accounting II (hyflex) 3 TBD TBD Online/Zoom
22657 BUS 114W ZZ1 Introduction to Business Logic & Ethics (asynchronous) 3     Online
22658 BUS 212W ZZ1 Marketing (asynchronous) 3     Online
22659 BUS 215W ZZ1 Business Law (asynchronous) 3     Online
20631 BUS 216W ZZ1 Business Plan Development (asynchronous) 3     Online
22660 BUS 220W INT Business Internship (NoLo) 1     Off Campus
20630 COMP 110W ZZ1 Business Computer Applications (asynchronous)  3     Online
20520 ECON 112W ZZ1 Principles of Microeconomics (asynchronous)  3     Online

Communication and Design  Education, Behavioral and Social Science

Criminal Justice
  20673 CRMJ 105W BS1 Introduction to Homeland Security (bimodal)  3 TH 4pm-6pm Berlin/Zoom
21521 CRMJ 123W BS1 Criminal Law (bimodal) 4 TH 6:3pm-9pm Berlin/Zoom
21522 CRMJ 201W BS1 Criminal Procedures (bimodal) 3 T 4pm-6pm Berlin/Zoom
20678 CRMJ 210W ZZ1 Juvenile Justice Administration (asynchronous)  3     Online
21523 CRMJ 230W BS1 Justice and the Community (bimodal) 3 T 6:30pm-8:30pm Berlin/Zoom
20518 CRMJ 270W INT Criminal Justice Internship  3     Off Campus
20583 PHYS 122W BF1 Forensic Science 4 W 5pm-9:10pm Berlin
Early Childhood Education and Teacher Education
  20667 ECE 115W BS1 Positive Guidance Techniques (bimodal) 3 T 4:30pm-6:30pm Berlin/Zoom
20688 ECE 118W BS1 Infant, Toddler, and Preschool Curriculum (bimodal) 3 T 6:30pm-8:30pm Berlin/Zoom
20668 ECE 120W BS1 Introduction to Early Intervention (bimodal)  3 TH 6:30pm-8:30pm Berlin/Zoom
20582 ECE 213W ZZ1 Sociology of Children and Families (3/20-5/6) (asynchronous)  3     Online
20581 ECE 216W ZZ1 Understanding Young Children with Special Needs (asynchronous)  3     Online
20687 ECE 219W BH1 Early Childhood Education Practicum (hybrid) 4 TH 4pm-6:30pm Berlin
20533 EDU 204W BS1 Instructional Technology (3/20-5/6) (bimodal)  3 T 4pm-6:30pm Berlin/Zoom
20516 EDU 207W BS1 Teaching & Learning (bimodal)  3 TH 7pm-8pm Berlin/Zoom
20622 EDU 210W BS1 Foundations of Diversity (1/17-3/11) (bimodal)  3 TH 4pm-6:30pm Berlin/Zoom
20680 EDU 215W ZZ1 Assessment of Student Learning (asynchronous)  3     Online
20601 EDU 218W BS1 Design of Instruction (1/17-3/11) (bimodal)  3 T 4pm-6:30pm Berlin/Zoom
20632 MATH 222W BF1 Math in Our World II 4 W 4pm-7:20pm Berlin
Human Services
  20573 HSV 116W ZZ1 Social & Political Issues in Human Services (asynchronous)  3     Online
20565 HSV 117W NY1 Crisis Intervention (hyflex) 3 M 4pm-6pm North Conway
20562 HSV 125W ZZ1 Trauma Counseling and Self-Care (asynchronous) 3     Online
21514 HSV 214W ZZ1 Issues of Children and Families (asynchronous) 3     Online
21516 HSV 216W INT Internship in Human Services I       Off Campus
20541 HSV 221W INT Internship in Human Services II  4     Off Campus
20627 HSV 235W XS1 Fundamentals of Neuroscience & Wellness (remote synchronous) 3 W 5pm-7:30pm Zoom
Social Sciences
  20520 ECON 112W ZZ1 Principles of Microeconomics (asynchronous)  3     Online
20591 HIST 120W ZZ1 Contemporary World Issues (3/20-5/6) (asynchronous)  3     Online
22686 HIST 215W BH1 Modern Western Civilization: 1500 to Present 3 W 6:30pm-9pm Berlin
20517 PSYC 111W LF2 Psychology   3 M 4:30pm-7pm Littleton
20530 PSYC 111W ZZ1 Psychology  (3/20-5/6) (asynchronous)  3     Online
20536 PSYC 112W NH2 Human Growth & Development (hybrid) 3 T 4pm-6pm North Conway
20529 PSYC 112W ZZ1 Human Growth & Development (1/17-3/11) (asynchronous)  3     Online
20495 PSYC 205W ZZ1 Abnormal Psychology (asynchronous) 3     Online
20492 SOCI 111W ZZ1 Sociology (asynchronous)  3     Online

Health and Science

Health Sciences and Services

Health Sciences
  20629 BIOL 112W ZZ1 Nutrition (1/17-3/11) (asynchronous) 3     Online
20633 BIOL 113W BC1 Nutrition Lab (3/20-5/6) 1 T 4:00pm-7:20pm Berlin
20524 BIOL 114W LF1 Human Anatomy & Physiology I – Lecture 4 TH 4pm-6:30pm Littleton
23246 BIOL 114W LC1 Human Anatomy & Physiology I – Lab 0 TH 6:30pm-9pm Littleton
20590 BIOL 115W BF1 Human Anatomy & Physiology II – Lecture 4 M 12:30pm-3pm Berlin
22673 BIOL 115W BT1 Human Anatomy & Physiology II – Lab 0 M 3pm-5:30pm Berlin
20494 BIOL 115W LF2

Human Anatomy & Physiology II – Lecture

4 W 4pm-6:30pm Littleton
22674 BIOL 115W LT2

Human Anatomy & Physiology II – Lab

0 W 6:30pm-9pm Littleton
20527 BIOL 115W NH3 Human Anatomy & Physiology II – Lecture (hybrid) 4 TH 5pm-6:30pm North Conway
22675 BIOL 115W NT3 Human Anatomy & Physiology II – Lab 0 TH 6:30pm-9pm North Conway
Massage Therapy
  20689 MASS 108W NF1 Spa Techniques 3 W 8:30am-10:10am North Conway
20656 MASS 110W NF1 Swedish Massage II 3 W 11am-3:10pm North Conway
20690 MASS 122W NF1 Musculo-Skeletal Studies 4 TH 11:30am-3:40pm North Conway
20657 MASS 230W INT Clinical Internship I  2 W 5pm-8pm North Conway
Medical Assistant and Medical Billing
  20675 MEDA 201W LF1 Clinical Procedures II – Theory 5 T 11:30am-1:30pm Littleton
20676 MEDA 201W LT1 Clinical Procedures II – Lab 0 TH 11:30pm-3:30pm Littleton
20561 MEDA 211W LF1 Pharmacology 3 T 3pm-5:30pm Littleton
20674 OTM 126W LH1 Office Systems and Procedures (hybrid) 3 TH 9am-11am Littleton
20531 OTM 220W ZZ1 Medical Billing (asynchronous)  3     Online
20501 OTM 227W ZZ1 Advanced Coding (asynchronous)  4     Online
  20502 NURS 112W BF1 Nursing II – Lecture 9 TW 9:30am-12pm Berlin
20537 NURS 112W BT1 Nursing II – Lab and Clinical 0 TH/F 7am-2pm Off Campus
20539 NURS 214W BF1 Nursing IV – Lecture 9 W 9am-12:30pm Berlin
  20558 NURS 214W BT1 Nursing IV – Lab 0 MT 7am-3:30pm Off Campus
Veterinary Assistant
  20574 VETA 111W NF1 Veterinary Assistant Clinical  4     Off Campus
20575 VETA 113W NH1 Veterinary Assistant Clinical Seminar (hybrid) 2 M 9am-10:40am North Conway


Hospitality and Culinary

Baking and Pastry Arts and Culinary Arts
  20512 CULA 121W BH1 Baking Theory (hybrid) 3 T/TH 2:30pm-3:45pm Berlin
20513 CULA 123W BF1 Table Service & Mixology  3 M 9:30am-12pm Berlin
21524 CULA 124W BF1 Baking Fundamentals, Introduction to Cakes, and Plated Desserts 6 T/TH 8am-2:15pm Berlin
21525 CULA 125W BF1 Baking Fundamentals, Breakfast Cookery, and Hot Food Plating 6 T/TH 8am-2:15pm Berlin
21526 CULA 218W XS1 Food and Beverage Operations (remote synchronous)  3 W 3:30pm-6pm Zoom
20514 CULA 222W XS1 Food Service Management (remote synchronous) 2 M 3:30pm-6pm Zoom
21527 CULA 243W BF1 Advanced Showpieces, Cakes, Plated Desserts, and Practicum 6 MW 8am-2:15pm Berlin
21528 CULA 244W BF1 International Cuisines, Regional American Cuisines, and Practicum 6 MW 8am-2:15pm Berlin


Industry and Transportation

Automotive Technology
  20507 AUTO 113W BF1 Automotive Power Trains 6 T/TH 8am-12:20pm Berlin
20508 AUTO 114W BF1 Automotive Electricity II 4 T/TH 1:30am-4:10pm Berlin
20509 AUTO 214W BF1 Computerized Diagnostic Service & Air Conditioning 6



20510 AUTO 215W BF1 Automotive Suspension & Brakes 4 W 8am-12:30pm Berlin
21520 AUTO 216W BF1 Electric Vehicle Technology 4






20511 PHYS 113W ZZ1 Electricity and Electronics – Lecture 4     Online
  20593 PHYS 113W BT1 Electricity and Electronics – Lab 1 M 8am-10:40am Berlin
Driver Education Instructor
  20715 DEDI 101W XS1 Introduction to Traffic Safety (1/17-2/18) (remote asynchronous) 3 M 7pm-9pm Zoom
  20716 DEDI 103W XS1 Driver Education Classroom Methods (2/20-4/1)(remote asynchronous)  3 M 7pm-9pm Zoom
  20717 DEDI 105W LH1 In Vehicle Driver Education Methods (4/3-5/6) (hybrid)  3 F 9am-3pm Littleton
  20576 DEDI 109W ZZ1 Alcohol, Drugs and Driving (1/17-5/6)(asynchronous) 3     Online
20577 DEDI 111W XS1 Zone Control (4/3-5/6) (asynchronous)  2 M 7pm-9pm Zoom
20578 EDU 130W ZZ1 Adolescent Growth and Development in DEI (1/18-2/19) (asynchronous)  1     Online
20579 EDU 132W ZZ1 Learning & Teaching Styles in DEI (2/21-4/2) (asynchronous)  1     Online
20580 EDU 134W ZZ1 Special Education in the School in DEI (4/4-5/7) (asynchronous)  1     Online
Diesel Heavy Equipment Technology
  20681 CAR 101W BF2 Career Readiness  2 TH 1pm-2:40pm Berlin
20496 DSL 115W BF1 Diesel Power Systems 4 M 9:30am-3:30pm Berlin
20497 DSL 117W BF1 Fuel and Emission Systems 4 T 9:30am-3:30pm Berlin
20666 DSL 216W BF1 Mobile Hydraulics I  3 TH 8am-12:10pm Berlin
20500 DSL 227W BF1 Heavy-Duty Chassis Brake & Climate Control Systems 5



23247 DSL 228W BF1 Vehicle Inspection and CDL (3/20-5/6) 1



20683 WELD 214W BF1 Introduction to Arc Welding and Cutting Processes 3



20511 PHYS 113W ZZ1 Electricity and Electronics – Lecture 4     Online
20594 PHYS 113W BT2 Electricity and Electronics – Lab 0 W 1pm-3:40pm Berlin
Advanced Welding Technology

20672 CAR 101W BF1 Career Readiness 2 M 2:50pm-4:30pm Berlin
20503 WELD 206W BF1 Blueprint Reading II 2 M 9am-10:40am Berlin
20505 WELD 216W BF1 Plasma Cutting Technology 1 M 1pm-2:40pm Berlin
20608 WELD 221W BF1 Advanced Welding Skills and Principles 11



20654 WELD 226W BF1 Welding Hazard Identification and Assessment  1 M 11am-11:50am Berlin
20653 WELD 228W BF1 Survey in Nondestructive Examination 1 T 2:50pm-3:40pm Berlin

STEM & Advanced Manufacturing

Conservation Law Enforcement & Environmental Science
  22721 CLAW 140W BF1 Wildlife and Outdoor Identification 4 W 1pm-5:10pm Berlin
22711 CLAW 208W BF1 Conservation Law Project  3 T 1pm-5:10pm Berlin
20522 ENVS 110W BF1 Introduction to Environmental Science 4 M 8am-12:10pm Berlin
20658 ENVS 202W BF1 Water Resources & Hydrology  4 TH 8am-12:10pm Berlin
20660 ENVS 210W BF1 Environmental Project 3 TH 1pm-5:10pm Berlin
20602 FRST 205W BF1 Forestry Resources 4 W 8am-12:10pm Berlin
20661 GEOL 112W BF1 Geology and Soils  4 T 8am-12:10pm Berlin
20583 PHYS 122W BF1 Forensic Science 4 W 5pm-9:10pm Berlin
Information Technology
  22691 IST 114W ZZ1 Linux Essentials (asynchronous) 3     Online
20663 IST 115W ZZ1 Object Oriented Programming with JAVA (asynchronous) 4     Online
22692 IST 230W ZZ1 Network Servers and Security (asynchronous) 3     Online
20584 IST 235W ZZ1 SQL Databases (asynchronous) 3     Online
20585 IST 253W ZZ1 Computer Networking IV (asynchronous) 3     Online

20526 MATH 120W BF1 Quantitative Reasoning  4 W 8am-11am Berlin
20542 MATH 120W BC1 Quantitative Reasoning Co-requisite  0 W 11am-12pm Berlin
20704 MATH 120W LF1  Quantitative Reasoning  4 T 4:30pm-7:50pm Littleton
23248 MATH 120W LC1 Quantitative Reasoning Co-requisite  0 T 7:50pm-8:50pm Littleton
20568 MATH 120W ZZ2 Quantitative Reasoning (3/20-5/6) (asynchronous) 4     Online
21532 MATH 124W ZZ1 College Algebra (asynchronous) 4     Online
20525 MATH 214W BF1 Statistics  4 M 5:40pm-9pm Berlin
21515 MATH 214W ZZ2 Statistics (asynchronous) 4     Online
  20615 CHEM 111W BH1 Chemistry (hybrid) 4 M 3pm-5:30pm Berlin
20522 ENVS 110W BF1 Introduction to Environmental Science 4 M 8am-12:10pm Berlin
20658 ENVS 202W BF1 Water Resources & Hydrology  4 TH 8am-12:10pm Berlin
20661 GEOL 112W BF1 Geology and Soils  4 T 8am-12:10pm Berlin
20511 PHYS 113W ZZ1 Electricity and Electronics – Lecture 4     Online
20594 PHYS 113W BT2 Electricity and Electronics – Lab 0 W 1pm-3:40pm Berlin
20606 PHYS 120W ZZ1 Astronomy (asynchronous) 4     Online
20583 PHYS 122W BF1 Forensic Science 4 W 5pm-9:10pm Berlin

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