Automotive Electricity II

Automotive Electricity II provides an in-depth study of ignition systems, control units, indicators, dash units, tire pressure monitoring systems, light circuits, and automobile accessories. It covers theory, troubleshooting, and service. […]

Automotive Power Trains

Automotive Power Trains covers in detail the construction, operation, and maintenance procedures of transmissions and power trains. It covers the new developments in manual five- and six-speed transmissions, dual clutch […]

Automotive Electricity I

Automotive Electricity I studies electricity as it applies to today’s automobiles. This course covers topics that include the theory of electricity; the study of magnetism and electrical circuits; and the […]

Introduction to Automotive Service

Introduction to Automotive Service provides a comprehensive study of the basics in automotive technology including safety, precision measuring and the proper use of tools and equipment. Students also learn how […]

Plein Air Art

Plein Air Art is for both beginning artists and artists who want to improve their skills. Participants explore our beautiful North Country with an artist’s eye. This course requires gallery […]

Introduction to Drawing

Introduction to Drawing is designed for students to explore materials, techniques, historical trends, and creative expression using drawing media. The class focuses on the Elements of Art: line, shape, color, […]

Cultural Anthropology: Faces of Culture

An introduction to cultural anthropology, this course examines cultural structure and process. Its major topics include economics, subsistence patterns, organizing devices, culture change, socio-political organizations, and patterns for transmission of […]

Intermediate Accounting II

Intermediate Accounting II is a continuation of Intermediate Accounting I with a concentration on investing, financing, and financial reporting. (Prerequisite: ACCT222W)

Intermediate Accounting I

Intermediate Accounting I is built on a “learning system” designed to prepare students for the business world by emphasizing decision making. This course acknowledges the diversity of both student learning […]

Managerial Finance and Accounting

Managerial Finance and Accounting provides an introduction to accounting and finance in the context of business and business decisions. Students explore how accounting information and finance affect the decision-making process and […]


This course in taxation provides a comprehensive overview of individual tax laws and principles. It also covers the following accounting principles: gross income, adjustments to income, itemized deductions, and credits.

Financial Accounting

Financial Accounting builds on the basics of Accounting I with an expanded emphasis on accounting for corporations. Subjects covered include, but are not limited to, inventories, long-term assets, and liabilities. […]