Math in Our World II

Math in Our World II uses MATH220W as its basis for further investigation into mathematical discourse. Students engage in various activities and discussions with an emphasis on communication, problem solving, […]

Math in Our World I

Designed for Teacher Education students, Math in Our World I introduces mathematical thought through activities and discussions of several mathematical topics, including problem solving, various number systems (Egyptian, Roman, Babylonian, […]

Design of Instruction

Design of Instruction introduces students to the design and development of the content of learning experiences. This course introduces curriculum theory and investigates the processes of curriculum development, use, and […]

Assessment of Student Learning

In Assessment of Student Learning, students learn strategies for planning and assessing school children in both direct and indirect instruction. Students in the course learn how to select, design, conduct, […]

Foundations of Diversity

The United States is a nation rich in cultural diversity, experiencing variations in race, ethnicity, gender, ability, age, religion, sexual orientation, socioeconomic class, and more. For this diverse nation and […]

Integrated Arts

Integrated Arts explores the value of integrating the arts across all content areas of the curriculum. Students in the course learn the importance of children in the classroom being engaged […]

Teaching and Learning

Teaching and Learning studies principles of curriculum, organizations, and teaching methods. Under supervision, students observe and participate in a public school. The course introduces the student to rubric evaluation, learning […]

Instructional Technology

Instructional Technology presents theories and strategies for the effective integration of technological resources and technology-based methods of instruction, as well as the integration of assistive technology for students with disabilities. […]

Teaching Strategies for Students with Disabilities

Teaching Strategies for Students with Disabilities focuses on strategies to accommodate students who have difficulties with basic reading, writing, and study skills. The course emphasizes the importance of accommodating students […]

Legal Issues in Education

Predicated upon legislative requirements, such as the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA), Legal Issues in Education revisits the theories and issues explored in EDU101W and EDU200W, placing them within […]

Supporting Students with Challenging Behaviors

Using the framework of positive behavioral support, Supporting Students with Challenging Behaviors teaches the knowledge and skills needed to support children in the classroom with challenging behaviors. Students in the […]