Summer 2024 Course Schedule

WMCC Scheduling Terms:  

          (asynchronous): Courses are delivered 100% online. There is no set day or time to meet for class. Content is delivered online, and          assignments must be submitted by the due date.

          (bimodal): Students are free to attend on-campus or remote synchronously through Zoom. The course takes place at the campus listed.

          (hybrid): Courses are  delivered face to face with supplemental synchronous or asynchronous material delivery. Students are expected to attend class at the listed location, day(s), and time(s).

          (hyflex): Courses are hybrid and flexible. Students are able to choose between attending face to face, remote synchronously or asynchronously. The face to face component of the course will take place at the location listed.

          (NoLo): Courses have no- or low- cost course materials. Either no book or material is needed, or the required materials are under $50.

          (remote synchronous): Courses are delivered through Zoom. Students are expected to attend class remotely at the listed day(s)/time(s).

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Full Semester: May 20th – August 09th (12 weeks)


Arts, Humanities, Communication and Design
 CRN  Course Section  Course Title  CR Days Times Location Cost Faculty
35376 ARTS 135W BF1 Plein Air Art (One Week 6/17-6/20) M-TH) 3 M-TH 8am- 4pm Berlin   Graham, C
35147 ENGL 120W BY1 College Composition (hyflex)  4 T 11am-2pm Berlin/Zoom/Online $940 Libby, J
35164 ENGL 120CW BC1 College Composition Co-requisite  0 T 2pm-3pm Berlin/Zoom/Online $0 Libby, J
35133 HUMA 212W ZZ1 Legal and Ethical Issues (asynchronous) 3     Online $705 Woodward, A
35174 PHIL 140W ZZ1 Science Fiction and Philosophy (asynchronous)  3     Online $705 Verani, J
Business  Business
35166 BUS 220W INT Business Internship (NoLo) 1     Off Campus $235 Nutting, N
Communication and Design  Education, Behavioral and Social Science
35358 CRMJ 201W ZZ1  Criminal Procedures     Online  $705 Faculty, A 
35146 CRMJ 270W INT Criminal Justice Internship 3     Off Campus $725 Dube, H
35312 ECE 112W ZZ1 Child Growth and Development 3     Online $705 Hart, D
35313 ECE 114W ZZ1 Health, Safety and Nutrition 3     Online $705 Carbee, T
35314 ECE 115W ZZ1 Positive Guidance Techniques 3     Online $705 Smith, M
35148 HSV 216W INT Internship in Human Services I 4     Off Campus $960 Couture, S
35143 HSV 221W INT Internship in Human Services II 4     Off Campus $960 Couture, S
35129 PSYC 111W ZZ1 Psychology (asynchronous)  3     Online $705 Faculty, A
35130 PSYC 112W ZZ1 Human Growth & Development  (asynchronous)  3     Online $705 Leitch, G

Health and Science

Health Sciences and Services
35141 BIOL 112W ZZ1 Nutrition (asynchronous)  3     Online $705 Innes, M
35131 BIOL 114W BH1 Human Anatomy & Physiology I – Lecture (hybrid) 4 T 1pm-3:30pm Berlin $1050 Turmel, S
35180 BIOL 114LW BT1 Human Anatomy & Physiology I – Lab  0 T 3:30pm-6:10pm Berlin $- Turmel, S
35136 BIOL 115W LH1 Human Anatomy & Physiology II – Lecture (hybrid) 4 W 3:30pm-6pm Littleton $1050 Innes, M
35159 BIOL 115LW LT1 Human Anatomy & Physiology II – Lab 0 W 6pm-9:10pm Littleton $0 Innes, M
35142 BIOL 120W BH1 Human Biology – Lecture (hybrid) 4 M 3:30pm-6pm Berlin $1050 Turmel, S
35161 BIOL 120LW BT1 Human Biology – Lab 0 M 6pm-9:10pm Berlin $0 Turmel, S
35158 BIOL 211W LF1 Microbiology – Lecture 4 T 4pm-7:15pm Littleton $1050 Casciari, J
35160 BIOL 211LW LT1 Microbiology – Lab 0 TH 4pm-7:15pm Littleton $0 Casciari, J
35315 BIOL 211W BF1 Microbiology – Lecture 4 W 1:30pm-4:30pm Berlin $1050 Akerman, B
35316 Section Full BIOL 211LW BT2 Microbiology – Lab – CLOSED SECTION   W 10am-1pm Berlin $0 Akerman, B
 35369 BIOL 211LW BT3 Microbiology – Lab   W 4:40pm -7:40pm Berlin $0 Akerman, B
35149 MASS 125W ZZ1 Pathology for the Massage Therapist (5/6-8/16) 3     Online $705 Paradis, E
35150 MASS 135W LF1 Deep Tissue Massage (5/6-8/16) 3 W 9:30am-12:50pm Littleton $815 Astephen, A
35151 MASS 201W LF1 Kinesiology (5/6-8/16) 3 TH 3pm-5:30pm Littleton $705 Innes, R
35152 MASS 212W LF1 Special Populations Massage (5/6-8/16) 1 TH 1pm-2:40pm Littleton $345 Innes, R
35153 MASS 240W LF1 Clinical Internship II (5/6-8/16) 2 W 1pm-6pm Littleton $580 Paradis, E
35145 MEDA 203W INT Medical Assistant Internship 6     Off Campus $1430 Daigle, R
 Hospitality and Culinary
35162 CULA 200W COP Culinary Arts Co-op 3     Off Campus $725 Giles, T
35163 CULA 210W COP Baking and Pastry Arts Co-op 3     Off Campus $725 Worthen, G
Humanities   Industry and Transportation
35197 CDT 121W LF1 Commercial Vehicle Basic Repair & Maintenance (5/28-8/16) 3 M-TH 2pm-3pm Littleton $705 Mundell, P
35167 CDT 122W LF1 Commercial Driver Training – Theory (5/6-5/24) 6 M-TH 8am-2pm Littleton $1410 Mundell, P
35168 CDT 124W LF1 Commercial Driver Training – Behind the Wheel – Range (5/28-8/16) 4 67 hours of practice driving on the range required to complete this course Littleton $1920 Mundell, P
35169 CDT 126W LF1 Commercial Driver Training – Practicum (5/28-8/16) 3 30 hours of on the road driving required to complete this course Littleton $1885 Mundell, P
35170 DEDI 101W ZZ1 Introduction to Traffic Safety (asynchronous) (5/6-6/7) 3     Online $705 Doucette, M
35171 DEDI 103W ZZ1 Driver Education Classroom Methods (asynchronous) (6/10-7/12) 3     Online $705 Doucette, L
35172 DEDI 105W LH1 In-Vehicle Driver Education Methods (7/15-8/16)       (In class ONLY TBD) 3 F 9am-4pm Littleton $855 Doucette, M
35181 DEDI 109W ZZ1 Alcohol, Drugs, and Driving (asynchronous) (5/6-6/21) 3     Online $705 Stone, J
35176 DEDI 111W ZZ1 Zone Control (asynchronous) (7/15-8/16) 2     Online $470 Doucette, M
35135 DSL 119W COP Cooperative Education 1     Off Campus $255 Pouliot, M
35154 WELD 230W BF1 Pipe Welding Skills and Principles in Industrial Safety (5/6-8/16) 19 M-TH 8am-3:30pm Berlin $7935 Welding Faculty

STEM & Advanced Manufacturing
35139 MATH 214W ZZ1 Statistics (asynchronous)  4     Online $940 Picard, D

10-Week Term: May 20th-July 26th

 CRN  Course Section  Course Title  CR Days Times Location Cost Faculty
35182 ACCT 114W ZZ1 Financial Accounting (asynchronous) 3     Online $705 Johnson, M

First Half: May 6th-June 21rd (7 weeks)

 CRN  Course Section  Course Title  CR Days Times Location Cost Faculty
35137 EDU 201W ZZ1 Legal Issues in Education (asynchronous)  3     Online $725 Scott, R
35138 ENGL 211W ZZ1 Professional Writing (asynchronous)  3     Online $705 St Pierre, J
35156 PHYS 120W ZZ1 Astronomy (asynchronous)  4     Online $940 Holt, J
35140 SOCI 111W ZZ1 Sociology (asynchronous) 3     Online $705 Warren, D

Second Half: June 24th-August 16th (8 weeks)

 CRN  Course Section  Course Title  CR Days Times Location Cost Faculty
35177 ACAD 105W LY1 Academic Readiness (hyflex)  1 W 3:30pm-5pm Littleton/Zoom/Online $230 Laplante, M
35132 EDU 200W ZZ1 Supporting Students with Challenging Behaviors (asynchronous)  4     Online $940 Scott, R
35178 ENGL 120W LY1 College Composition (hyflex)  4 W 5:15pm-8:15pm Littleton/Zoom/Online $940 Leonard, K
35179 ENGL 120CW LC1 College Composition Co-requisite (hyflex)  0 W 8:15pm-9:15pm Littleton/Zoom/Online $- Leonard, K
35155 ENGL 229W ZZ1 Media and Society (asynchronous)  3     Online $705 Moberly, S
35173 HIST 220W ZZ1 Liberty and Tyranny (asynchronous)  3     Online $705 Woodward, A
35134 MATH 120W LY1 Quantitative Reasoning (hyflex)  4 R 12pm-3pm Littleton/Zoom/Online $940 Larcomb, M
35165 MATH 120CW LC1 Quantitative Reasoning Co-requisite  0 R 11am-12pm Littleton/Zoom/Online $0 Larcomb, M
35157 MATH 124W ZZ1 College Algebra (asynchronous)  4     Online $940 Larcomb, M

Schedule is subject to change                                                 

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